SSC denies intention to review amended bill, now with the gov’t

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Recent local media reports, stated that the Social Security Corporation (SSC) intends to review the amended draft Social Security Law, which it had submitted to the government for approval, an assertion the corporation denies.اضافة اعلان

Such news started to appear after the sudden resignation of the former SSC director-general, Hazem Al-Rahahleh, following discontent with the amendments, mainly those related to subscription to the SSC, retirement age, pensions, and health insurance through the corporation.

According to a well-informed government source, the corporation does indeed wish to revise the draft Social Security Law, which the new director general, Mohamad Al-Tarawneh, did not see.

The source said that SSC approved at the beginning of September 47 amendments to the law governing it; most notable among them: stopping early retirement of new subscribers whose contributions do not exceed seven years, making the retirement age 62 for men and 59 for women.

Currently, the age for early retirement is 55 for men who have contributed 252 months to the SSC, and 52 for women with 228 contributions.

As per another amendment, early retirees who earn less than JD300 a month are allowed to return to the labor market to earn a living, but were denied that right before.

SSC spokesperson Shaman Al-Majali told Jordan News that the law was approved by the Board of Directors of the corporation in late August, beginning of September, and it was submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval.

Majali, however, pointed out that SSC was not advised by the government to review the law, “and we do not know what decision the Council of Ministers has taken so far”.

Insurance and social protection expert Musa Al-Subaihi told Jordan News that SSC had approved the final form of the draft, “which means tacit approval to follow the legislative stages for its approval”.

“In the event that the institution wants to withdraw the law, and this depends on its board of directors, a decision must be issued by the SSC Council to that effect,” he added.

He stressed that neither the general manager of the corporation nor the chairman of its board of directors has the authority to “withdraw the project from the government unless either of them is officially authorized by the council”.

Former MP Khaled Bakkar told Jordan News that if SSC asks for the draft bill to be given back to it for review, the government must “have clear reasons”, adding that the “tampering with the draft will hopefully not affect the stability and sustainability of the SSC resources”.

“We hope that the SSC will expand the provision of services, to cover the unemployed, and increase the period of maternity leave. These services will improve the contributors’ trust in and relationship with the corporation,” Bakkar said.

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