Public sector doctors discouraged by low wages

Public health worker administers COVID-19 vaccine. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)
AMMAN — Public hospitals in Jordan are afflicted with a shortage of doctors specialized in heart, kidneys, and neurology, partly caused by the migration of competencies in the sectorاضافة اعلان

Tayseer Al-Kraishan, head of the parliamentary Health and Environment Committee, said many doctors employed in public hospitals are discouraged by the low wages they receive. Ultimately, they tend to look for jobs either in the private sector or abroad.

“The main reason for the brain drain is due to the lack of privileges and salaries to commensurate with the efforts made by doctors in those specialties,” Kraishan told Jordan News.

He said that the reason for the shortage of general practitioners in some public medical centers is due to the poor distribution and supervision by the ministry. “There are sufficient numbers of doctors, if they were distributed proportionately.”

He said that Jordan is full of medical professionals, and it must “provide them with the appropriate work environment, especially since their difficult living conditions push them to migrate abroad to look for better opportunities.”

Mohammad Al-Tarawneh, a chest and respiratory disease specialist, said that “doctors in public hospitals have a very high work pressure, especially with regard to the huge number of patients and the late working hours.”

“Despite all this, doctors do not receive the wages and salaries they deserve, which motivates them to move abroad,” he added.

He urged the government to support the doctors “especially since there are highly skilled Jordanian medical professionals who are respected worldwide, but the lack of appreciation in their home country will undoubtedly push them to immigrate.”

He cited the importance of the government encouraging medical tourism and exploiting it to attract patients from abroad. “This will greatly support the national economy.”

Maysam Al-Akroush, the spokesperson for the Jordan Medical Association, said the syndicate has no authority over the wages of public sector doctors, except “appealing to government entities” to improve their financial status and work environment.

“The association has done so repeatedly, but to no avail,” she noted.

She stressed that “doctors at public hospitals do not get the salary they deserve, despite their huge workload every single day”.

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