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Jerash neighborhood goes two decades without water

Jerash Camp (Photo: Jordan News)
JERASH — “Water is distributed to us ‘by the drop’,” Awni Al-Aydi told Jordan News. Aydi, who suffers from a neurological illness, lives in Al-Manshiyya, a neighborhood adjacent to Jerash Camp, which has not received water from the municipality for nearly 25 years.اضافة اعلان

“There are 50 homes in the area, and we all buy our own water — we’re not covered by (municipal) services,” he said. Two months ago the municipality took notice, he explained, and finally built a main water line and sewage system, but those will not be activated “until we pay JD800, which we cannot afford.”

Residents plan their living expenses around their water costs, he said. In his case that totals about JD40 per month, but only because “I do not have children, and my wife and I can manage; larger homes and families, they need more.”

“It’s hard enough living here because of the high prices, then add to that the burden of having to buy water for more than two decades — we got our hopes up when they offered us a solution, but a fee of JD800 prevented that,” he lamented.

“Who cares about us?” Aydi asked.

Ministry of Water and Irrigation spokesperson Omar Salameh told Jordan News that “the Manshiyya area falls outside our organization and isn’t covered by our services; we provide services in accordance with the provisions of the law.”

Jordan News also spoke to Nayef Al-Hajjaya, the governor of Jerash, who said: “Residents should contact us so we can take the appropriate action.”
Despite numerous attempts, Jerash Water Director Mahmoud Al-Titi was not available for comment.

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