Instagram introduces Threads, what is it?

elon musk vs mark
Elon Musk (R), Mark Zuckerberg (L). (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — On Wednesday, Meta launched its new app, Threads, and let us just say it created enough meme material to last the internet world a lifetime, see exhibit A below, and off to a strong start, with 10 million users signed up for the app in just the first seven hours after its launch. اضافة اعلان

Threads, which looks a little similar to a familiar bird, Twitter, could pose a serious threat to the platform’s livelihood, and most possibly be the cause of every social media manager’s burnout and stress, as companies, celebrities, and even governmental entities take to try out the new app, to be on trend, of course.

But what exactly is it?Made by the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the platform looks a lot like Twitter, with a feed of largely text-based posts, although users can also post photos and videos, allowing people to have real time conversations.

According to Instagram’s website, your feed on Threads includes threads posted by people you follow, and recommended content from new creators you have not discovered (Algorithm Aliens). The posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. And, of course, the app is designed so you can share your story within a story, post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose, can you say meta?

Okay I get it now, but why?
According to its website, Threads was built to enable positive, productive conversations with its user able to control who can mention you or reply to you within Threads. You know, the conversations that cannot be done productivity online, just take it to Threads.

Okay, now that you have heard the company’s ‘why,’ let us get into the real why behind the app.

To compete with Twitter, of course. Since Twitter’s takeover in October 2022, it has not been without controversary, where internet users have suggested a full-on cage fight between the two tycoons, Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

This new app, which aims to reinvent the wheel (not really) might just be the leading cause for blood to fall.

And now, without further or due, the memes. 

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