INJAZ hosts Lazord Conference 2022

(Photos: Roaa Rayyan)
AMMAN — INJAZ organization hosted a five-day regional conference for the Lazord Fellowship Program at Amman’s Ritz-Carlton on Monday, bringing together fellows from the program and several young leaders.اضافة اعلان

INJAZ is implementing the Lazord fellowship program in Jordan for the 10th year in a row as part of a strategic partnership with the Lazord Foundation to enable interested youth to work in civil society organizations and develop their skills.

More than 80 young males and females from participating countries attended the conference to exchange experiences and activate the role of youth in local communities’ development by offering innovative solutions to the challenges facing their communities.

INJAZ’s Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Safa Hijazeen welcomed the participants and lauded her organization’s partnership with “Lazord” Foundation, which was created to support young college graduates, through the development of experimental and education programs, to make an impact in their local communities.

Hijazeen said Lazord “had an active role in the development of young men and women and the discovery of their leadership abilities in becoming active members in their community”.

He stressed the importance of INJAZ programs in preparing and motivating newly graduated young men and women and enhancing their capabilities on how to build their future, invest available opportunities and engage in experiences that will refine their personalities and qualify them to be collective leaders.

“We recently welcomed delegates for the program from Egypt and Tunisia,” Hijazeen told Jordan News.

He said that “Lazord is a leadership program that is designed for graduates who are in their early twenties and provides one-year opportunity for them to work with NGOs, community-based, regional, and multinational organizations.”

He pointed out that “upon the completion of the program, 90 percent of the fellows get officially hired by the host organizations. It provides jobs for local community youth.”

Nelly Korbel, one of the founders of Lazord Foundation, thanked Jordan and INJAZ for hosting the “purposeful” regional conference, and its role in enhancing the capabilities of youth and supporting them to be leaders in the future.

Korbel said that the Lazord program gives participants the opportunity to have new experiences in the work environment, and gain the right skills needed for their future careers.

Kamel Al-Nabulsi, a local leader and founder of Tammey for Youth Development, talked about social enterprises and his personal journey to inspire the attendees.

“We need to use the available resources to create and innovate,” he said. “Youth and social initiatives were the start of my leadership journey, and every step and obstacle that I overcame in my life contributed to my success.”

He pointed out that the five Cs are very important for a leader’s success, “and they are: connection, contributions, competence, confidence, and character”.

“In addition, a leader must know how to sacrifice and compromise,” he added.

Moreover, he said that “one should examine him/herself through their inner-self and listen to the feedback, from people around them to know if they are on the right path.”

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