GAM blames building materials for blocking drains during storm

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Amman city workers clear a street drain in an undated photo. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) said that the high water levels accumulated on some roads in the capital, particularly in Sweileh and Khalda, Monday evening because of the heavy rainfall, were due to the drifting of building materials and debris. The heavy downpour flooded streets and blocked drains in various areas of the capital Monday evening, making traffic difficult and, at times, bringing it to a standstill. اضافة اعلان

GAM spokesperson Nasir Rahamneh told Jordan News that two fines were issued on Monday to an excavating and a contracting company it blamed for blocking water from draining.

He added that no damage was done, and that the capital’s bridges and tunnels were open at all times.

Rahamneh urged contractors working in the capital to act responsibly and remove any material that may block drains or damage public roads in inclement weather conditions.

According to him, the municipality is ready for the winter season, and that all field teams are trained and prepared to handle any possible emergency.

“We have set up 22 emergency rooms for this winter season, and wish to assure people that preparations are seamless,” Rahamneh said.

Civil engineer and expert in urban planning Murad Kalaldeh told Jordan News that although Amman’s drainage network is old, it is one of the best in the region, adding that it is expensive to replace.

Kalaldeh corroborated the municipality’s explanation, saying that the drainage pipes are narrow and the only thing the municipality can do is to make sure they are functional.

He also said that the empty plots of land in Amman are the main reason soil drifts and ends up blocking drains.

“Almost 30 percent of lands in Amman are empty, and not planted,” Kalaldeh said, adding that contractors do not take measures to prevent blockages, and usually place building materials close to the streets, blocking traffic in good weather and water drainage when it rains.

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