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Electricity subsidies for Jordanian expatriates frozen, not stopped

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission spokesperson Tahrir Al-Qaq on Monday said that electricity subsidies for Jordanians who are away from their homes for a period exceeding three months will not be canceled, but rather frozen.اضافة اعلان

According to Qaq, the status of these houses on the website remains “subsidized”, but the electricity bill will be issued without subsidy.

Qaq added that once owners return and start consuming regularly, the bill will be subsidized automatically, without them needing to register on the official website again.

Qaq’s statement came to quell the spread of some recent news claiming that electricity subsidies for Jordanian expatriates who do not live in their houses will be stopped, which made some wonder about the reasons for such decision, its impact, and the mechanism for regaining the right to subsidy.

Qaq told Jordan News that the electricity subsidy granted to Jordanians, which already went into effect, stays as is, “but in the event electricity is not consumed for three consecutive months, the subsidy will be frozen until consumption is resumed”.

She pointed out that “this measure involves Jordanian expatriates who stay outside the country for a period of three months; it also applies to citizens living in Jordan who consume less than 50 kilowatt hours per month”.

In the event electricity is not consumed for three consecutive months or more, Qaq said payment is decided “by calculating the minimum lump sum, which is JD1.75, in addition to the fixed fees on any electricity bill, which are ‘fils al reef’ (to finance the installation of power cells in remote areas), TV fee, and waste fee”.

Qaq said that “this is the same mechanism that has been used for a long time in calculating the value of the monthly bill when it comes to dealing with closed houses or houses that do not consume electricity, even before we started providing electricity subsidies to citizens”.

Imad Marwan, a Jordanian expatriate, told Jordan News: “I own a house in Amman, and I did not notice a difference in the value of the electricity bill compared to before the subsidy.”

Marwan, who lives in Germany for work, said that his electricity consumption “is low”.

“The electricity consumption in my house in Amman is only due to a refrigerator that I leave connected all the time, therefore, I did not notice a difference in the values of electricity bills, which are minimal” he added.

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