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AI, cybersecurity will bring ‘opportunities’ — minister

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(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Artificial Intelligence Conference and Exhibition for Defense Technology and Cyber Security, the first of its kind in Jordan and the region, took place at the King Hussain Bin Talal Convention Center at the Dead Sea, Jordan, on Wednesday.اضافة اعلان

The conference was held under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Hussein. Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmad Hanandeh, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maj. Gen. Yousef Huneiti, and Public Security Department Director Maj. Gen. Hussein Hawatmeh also attended, alongside several other senior officials and diplomats, including the heads of participating delegations, ambassadors, and military officials.

Furthermore, many defense technology and cybersecurity experts, lecturers, and researchers were also in attendance.

The conference brought together more than 60 international companies, 500 participants, and 50 speakers. Attendees came from more than 30 countries.
“We’re happy to hold this conference that discusses and showcases two globally equally important subjects: computer security and artificial intelligence.

We are also happy that we managed to organize this conference despite all of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Minister Hanandeh told Jordan News.

“Today, we’re witnessing huge participation regionally and internationally, in both the private and public sector, which reflects the importance of the two topics this conference is holding and these two industries. These two fields are big industries, with big economic returns and huge opportunities,” he added.

The conference aimed to bring together leading national, regional, and international experts in artificial intelligence, defense technology, and cybersecurity, to foster a dialogue between experts and decision-makers on these topics.

Seeing the advanced technology on display at the convention may bring to mind science-fiction series like Black Mirror, and raises questions about the impact such technologies may have.

National telecoms companies like Zain and Orange were also present, showcasing their technology.

“We are introducing data analytics that detect faces, arms, and any items a person is wearing or holding using artificial intelligence. This technology is a substitute for the human element in security measures: No human will be as accurate as this machine,” Khalid Hadeedi, a representative from Orange, told Jordan News. “For example, this machine will activate an automatic alarm if it detects a gun faster and more accurately than a guard,” he added.

As for Zain, they showcased cloud and cyber security services that they provide to private and public enterprises in Jordan and the region.

“These services provide IT in utility. Instead of buying hardware and configuring it, one can consume IT the same way any other utilities do. One just has to subscribe to the server, where it makes it easy in terms of capital investments that customers are forced to pay in the traditional IT approach, in addition to the 24/7 support and security services,” Mazen Mattar, operational director at Zain Data Park told Jordan News

Hanandeh stressed the importance of AI and cybersecurity technologies to Jordan, its youth, and the collective future. The importance is multidimensional, providing many job opportunities and allowing Jordanian entrepreneurs to expand their reach, and most importantly, protect the nation’s data and infrastructure.

“When it comes to AI and computer security, we talk about both offensive and defensive mechanisms to protect ourselves from attacks that would jeopardize our data, information, infrastructure, and organizations. At the same time, we care about equipping our staff to enter this industry and witness innovations and projects that we can export to the region and internationally,” the minister told Jordan News.

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