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Shu Noodles: Colors and flavors of Xian, Sichuan in perfect unison

Dan Dan, wide and flat noodles with sesame paste sauce, minced beef, spring onions, bok choy, and a generous sprinkle of crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Shu, a noodles bar in Swefieh Village, serves Chinese dishes from the Xian and Sichuan provinces. Their main-focus is noodle-based dishes served either dry or wet. They also serve a handful of appetizers, a few main courses, and dessert. The kitchen is open for the customers to see and is absolutely immaculate. It was a delight to see the chef pulling fresh noodles in front of our eyes.اضافة اعلان

The menu is tidy and easy to navigate through. I ordered the Dan Dan and Sesame Peanut with biang biang (flat and wide) noodles, and a bowl of Black Bean with lamian (thin and long). Of course, I couldn’t start with the noodles so I added a baby bok choy salad, an order of spring rolls, a vegetable fried rice, and some fried milk to wrap things up.

Vegetable fried rice is a classic staple at Xian and Sichuan eateries. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

First to arrive, of course, was the baby bok choy salad, topped with a sesame paste dressing and some sesame seeds. This was great way to start the meal. The nuttiness of the dressing worked very nicely with the bok choy, the touch of sesame seeds adds a bit of depth to the dressing. I felt it was a bit under seasoned, but it’s nothing a sprinkle of salt couldn’t fix.

The baby bok choy salad was topped with nutty sesame paste dressing and sesame seeds. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

The spring rolls were just making their way as I was finishing the salad. Two pieces of perfectly fried spring rolls with a soy sauce-based dip and spring onions. What made this so special was the shitake mushrooms and the perfectly brined vegetables. The dough provided the perfect crunch for what was a highlight of the evening. A perfect segue for the main courses which were just arriving at the table.  Recommended!

Shu’s spring rolls include shitake mushrooms and pickled vegetables. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

First to land was the Sesame Peanut noodles. Unlike the other bowls, this dish is served cold. The biang biang noodles were topped with sesame-based sauce, crushed peanuts, and sesame seeds. It was such a pleasant first bite as I chewed the perfectly cooked noodles. The dish is fairly balanced. The noodles were cooked to perfection and provided the appropriate bite. The sauce was flavorful; it was slightly tangy with very nutty tones. The crushed peanuts and sesame seeds provided some crunch and depth to the dish. These noodles were a great way to begin our main course. Highly recommended for vegans!

The Sesame Peanut noodles are a vegan-friendly cold bowl topped with crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

Second main course was the Black Bean bowl with lamian (thin and long) noodles. It wasn’t the most exciting of the three. The beans were perfectly cooked and topped with pieces of zucchini. They were hearty and carried their own flavor, but needed just a touch of depth to make it as impressive as what came after.

Shu’s Black Bean Bowl features zucchini and hearty beans over thin, long noodles. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

The Dan Dan was the most anticipated main course. My noodle preference for this bowl was definitely wide and flat. The noodles were layered with a thick sesame paste sauce, minced beef, spring onions, bok choy, and a generous sprinkle of crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. Everything married together so nicely. The sauce was super nutty and aromatic. I regret not ordering it spicy, as it would’ve taken the dish to another level.

Dan Dan, a traditional Chinese dish that originated as a street snack. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

Finally, I wrapped up with an order of fried milk to satisfy my sweet tooth. The fried milk was breaded and fried to perfection. The dipping sauce was the star of the dish as it provided the sweetness. It was so good I shamelessly cleaned the ramekin with my finger. Definitely ordering this next time I come.

Fried milk, one of the dessert options at Shu. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

I feel better knowing that a gem like Shu exists in Amman. Overall it was a very pleasant meal. From ambiance to service to delicious food, I will definitely be coming back to try other dishes in the near future.

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