Burger America: Authentic US dining finds new home in Swefieh

(Photos: Raja Attar/Jordan News)
In a city oversaturated with burger restaurants, Food Smith’s Burger America, without a doubt, is one of Amman’s best. The burger at Food Smith in Abdoun is easily one of my favorite burgers in the city, so when I heard they opened up a spin-off in Swefieh Village I knew I had to go. اضافة اعلان

After struggling with parking for a few minutes I finally reached my destination, a well-lit, cozy little corner with a simple menu offering hamburgers, a handful of appetizers and milkshakes. You can almost say it’s like an upscale American diner experience.

I ordered the American burger, which is their classic, the California burger (recommended by the staff) and a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. I also ordered a vanilla milkshake and a side of mac and cheese.

Having a bit of a sweet tooth I was delighted to see the milkshake arrive first. I found myself sipping my way through it a little faster usual as it had the right amount of sweetness and the consistency was just right. A perfect accompaniment for what was coming.

I patiently watched the staff prepare the burgers. The wagyu-angus patties are shaped into balls which are then smashed onto the grill to get a perfect sear. Then the ingredients are perfectly layered on their signature bun. Most of their beef burgers come with two patties.

The burgers arrived in succession. I usually like my burgers cooked medium-well which they totally nailed. First was the California burger: a simple combination of classic cheese burger ingredients with avocado and the restaurant’s signature California sauce. The avocado and California sauce perfectly compliment the patties and the veggies provide an extra element of freshness and crunch. A well-calculated burger.

While the California burger was delicious, I found that the addition of avocado and California sauce stole the spotlight from the beef. This is where the American burger comes into play. You can always tell the quality of a burger place by trying their classic burger. This one did not disappoint. The American burger hit all the right notes. Everything I look for in a classic burger was present in every bite. This was the star of the show without a doubt!

To break the flow of burgers I treated myself to some mac and cheese. I did not initially order the mac and cheese but after watching the chef prepare the dish, I knew I had to try it. It was absolutely stunning. A well-balanced mixture of sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and brie topped with a delicate layer of crunch which adds a pleasant texture to each bite. Another highlight of the day. Recommended.

Finally, it was time for the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. Since chicken is one of my favorite protein sources, I had high hopes for this sandwich. The presentation was beautiful. A perfectly fried chicken breast stacked on top of a bed of lettuce, pickles, and ranch sauce. While the chicken breast was perfectly breaded and fried, I found it was not as hot as I imagined it would be. It needed an element of heat and sweetness, otherwise a very good sandwich.

I can confidently say that my first experience at Burger America was a success. Food and service were excellent and worth every penny. Their prices compete with others who offer so much less, especially considering the quality of all their ingredients. Can’t wait to come back!

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