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December 8 2021 12:02 PM ˚
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L’Entrecôte: Serving up a sizzling Parisian staple in Amman

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L’Entrecôte and its signature dish Le Relais de Venise in Dabouq, Amman, June 1, 2021. (Photos: Raya Tarawneh/Jordan News)
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AMMAN — L’Entrecôte in Dabouq derives from a Parisian-staple that has been exported worldwide — Le Relais de Venise, which first opened in Paris in the 1960s and now has branches in London, Bahrain, New York, and Mexico. اضافة اعلان

The restaurant itself resembles a brasserie off of the Champs-Élysées: Bistro chairs line the small outdoor terrace while red detailing, light fixtures, and a framed painting of the Arc de Triomphe adorn the indoor space.

L’Entrecôte’s claim to fame is its set, three-course menu in which the only decision you can make is the degree to which steak is cooked.

First up is a two-ingredient house salad made up of crushed walnuts and chopped romaine in French dressing.

Then comes the meat and potatoes of the experience, literally. The 200-gram tender sirloin steak is served on a sizzling plate and with a side of fries.

As chef Hamzeh Maalwani explained, the sizzling plate — which comes with candles underneath — is intended to keep the meat hot after it is first cooked on a flat grill.

If two guests are seated at the table, both their fillets come on the same sizzling plate, which makes for a unique sharing experience. “If customers want to start with a medium-cooked steak and end with a medium-well steak, the sizzling plate can continue to cook the meat as they eat,” Maalwani added. Otherwise, the customer can slide the fillet off of the sizzling plate and onto their own plate to maintain the desired wellness.

I decided to enjoy half of my fillet medium-cooked and juicy, and left the other half on the sizzling plate to brown. 

The green, butter-based sauce is the most distinctive, mouth-watering part of the L’Entrecôte experience. The fillet came layered on a bed of sauce, which had hints of thyme, cream, and Dijon mustard, and doubled as a dip for the fries. I found that the consistency of the sauce did a good job bringing together the different textures of the steak and fries.

Chef Maalwani noted that many of his customers who have tried branches of L’Entrecôte abroad have found his sauce to be a perfect replication of the original one.

After the main dish, apple-pie and vanilla ice cream (or just two scoops of vanilla ice cream) are served with either coffee or tea to finish off the meal. While the set menu includes one soft drink, customers are also welcome to bring their own beverages to the restaurant.

L’Entrecôte opened more than five years ago and its set menu remains popular among guests as a breath of fresh air and alternative to traditional dining. The inviting atmosphere and prime location in the heart of Dabouq make it a beloved destination for business meetings, Thursday after-school lunches, and date nights.

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