Four Seasons lounge combines informal setting with upscale dining

(Photo: Handout from Four Seasons' Foyer Lounge )
AMMAN — Newly renovated, but retaining its signature touch of hospitality, delicious cuisine, and spectacular ambiance, Jordan News recently visited Four Seasons’ Foyer Lounge in Amman.اضافة اعلان

Located near the capital’s 5th circle, the Four Seasons Hotel Amman’s Foyer Lounge was recently renovated by globally renowned hotel design firm Richmond International, who crafted the original interiors for the opening of the Four Seasons Amman in 2003 and succeeded in updating their vision in spectacular style.

Jordan News was invited to visit the Foyer Lounge, to check out the new renovation, the atmosphere, and to try out some good food in the company of the hotel’s director of public relations and communications, Yasmin Sati.

The renovation incorporated earthy tones inspired by the landscape of Jordan. Marquetry panels were used to represent the Jordanian desert, while stone and timber accents represent the forests and stone found in Northern Jordan.

One might expect a restaurant sitting inside the Four Seasons to have a formal atmosphere, however, hospitality is Four Seasons’ signature, and the friendly service makes the restaurant perfect for informal meetings, where you can spot families, couples, friends, and co-workers having lunch together.

Sitting on the terrace, our pleasant lunch started with two salads. First up was the spring greens salad, which was a fresh and delightful combination of spinach, rocket, strawberries, beets, blue cheese dressing, pomegranates and candied walnuts — a perfect choice for blue cheese lovers.


The spring green salad. (Photo: Nayrouz Ali/Jordan News)

Although a very well-known and popular dish, our Caesar salad, which came next, was made distinguishable with anchovies and crispy beef bacon.

The Caesar salad. (Photo: Nayrouz Ali/Jordan News)

I had the club sandwich — The Foyer Lounge’s signature dish — as my main dish. It  included layers of grilled chicken, beef bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, Cajun aioli, and a special ingredient, eggs; all sandwiched in toasted bread and served with French fries. The dish was tender, juicy, and deserved to be the chef’s signature dish.

The Foyer Lounge’s club sandwich. (Photo: Nayrouz Ali/Jordan News)

For people who lean more towards other choices, Italian cousin to rescue! The fettuccine ai funghi porcini was delicious, cooked perfectly, and served with mushroom medley, parmigiano reggiano and parsley on top.

The Foyer Lounge’s fettuccine ai funghi porcini. (Photo: Nayrouz Ali/Jordan News)

After the main courses, it was dessert time, which was a muse for the mouth, as the menu can satisfy all tastes. Those with a sweet tooth have three different choices: There is a layered flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream for chocolate lovers, a flavorful caramelized apple tart, and an off the menu pineapple and frozen mint cake that was extraordinary, unusual, and a delight, being absolutely light and refreshing and perfect for after meals.

The frozen mint cake, apple tart and chocolate cake. (Photo: Nayrouz Ali/Jordan News)

Last but not least, the experience ended with a cup of Turkish coffee and of course, greetings and smiles from the amazing staff. 

The Foyer Lounge offers a beverage service from 7am until 11am, and all-day dining for salads and sandwiches that starts at 11am. A full dinning menu is available from 12pm, with various options such as soups, appetizers, sandwiches, Italian cuisine, shared meals, rotisserie and grilled meats, local cuisine, and desert.

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