Bar in the Back: A different place for the epicureans

Bar in the Back
(Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)
Driving down Wadi Saqra Street toward downtown, Bar in the Back, international restaurant and bar, beckons connoisseurs bent on pairing food and wine the sommelier way.اضافة اعلان

The menu boasts an ever-shifting assortment of dishes in this eatery, the first in Jordan to pair a suggested wine with each food item.

Elegantly plated, the diverse and tasty dishes are both gustatory and visually pleasing; accompanying them with a glass of wine can only heighten a hedonist’s sensations.

Bar in the Back may be accessed through 13C Wine & Spirits liquor store. Known for a long while, 13C Wine & Spirits looks like a gem of sorts. Or, rather, like a big display case for gems, in this case bottles of spirits glinting in the dim light of the place.

(Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)

Bar in the Back is suitable for people who want to enjoy a calm evening, since although the few tables, both indoor and outdoor, are usually booked, making reservation a must especially at weekends, the atmosphere is tranquil.

All food ingredients are fresh or freshly made. Celery Caesar salad, sea bass ceviche, truffled steak tartare, and home cured and smoked salmon are appetizers strongly recommended. They are tasty and light, satisfying but not filling to the point where patrons will be tempted to forgo the main dish, or more.

One may wish to order the blade steak along with wild mushroom polenta and the famous piggy burger along with the special wine butter fries for the main course. The juicy steak and all its accompaniments will make one savor every bite. The flavor will linger on and delight the taste buds.

All dishes are lavish and rich in taste. Clients may pick their favorite bottle of wine from the liquor store at wholesale price, and it will be served to them with the perfect dishes to bring out their flavor.

(Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)

“We offer several types of wines by the glass, as well as the option of enjoying any bottle you buy from the wine shop to perfect your dish or mingle over with friends or companion. Our goal is to raise the bar experience to a whole new level in a smoke-free restaurant,” owner and winemaker Omar Zu’mot told Jordan News.

“To complete the experience, we have designed a food pairing menu that enables patrons to customize and enjoy their journey with food and wine different each time.”

(Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)

Zu’mot believes that Bar in the Back makes one feel as if he/she stepped out of Amman into another place.

“It is the creation of a team who has passion and real knowledge for wine and good food, and wants to share its best knowledge with the people of Jordan,” he said.

Bar in the Back offers an experience unlike any other. The portions are reasonable, the service is impeccable, the atmosphere is a delight, and the food is nothing but satisfying. The perfect balance between dishes and high-quality wines makes the experience different, and the place worth visiting.

(Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)

Book your table and enjoy this first experimental bar concept and menu that has been designed to enhance your daily life and delight your senses.

This restaurant and bar is managed by FigTree Ventures, the creator of Little Italy, Foodsmith Grill, Izkaya, Majnoon Qahwa, Shu Noodles, and Wonderland ice cream.

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