Sudan army resembles 'terrorist' Palestinian attacks on Israel, says RSF advisor

Rapid Support Forces RSF
(Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — The Sudanese army's attacks on paramilitaries resemble those of "terrorist" Palestinian attacks on Israel, an official from Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) told Israeli media on Monday, according to the New Arab.اضافة اعلان

"What we are exposed to, Israel has suffered thousands of times from terrorist groups, such as Hamas and other factions that Israeli citizens know well," Youssef Ezzat, an advisor to RSF commander Mohamed Hamdan Daglo told Israel’s Kan broadcaster.

His comments appeared to be an attempt by the RSF to gain Israeli favor. The RSD is a paramilitary group that has been involved in fierce clashes with the Sudanese army since 15 April and at least 427 people have been killed.

‘Criminal person’Ezzat called for Burhan to be prosecuted, accusing him of conspiring with an unnamed "Islamist Movement" in order to "strike civilians".

"This is a criminal person, and the decision to stop the war is not in the hands of Burhan, but in the hands of the Islamist organization," he said, without specifying which Islamist group he was referring to.

"We say to the Israeli people that what we are being exposed to, and what Khartoum and the Rapid Support Forces are being subjected to, is an attack that was exploited by the army and the Islamic gang," Daglo's advisor added.

Israeli mediationEzzat welcomed a reported mediation by Israel in the Sudanese conflict. He said that the two countries were bound by the so-called "Abraham Accords" refusing to confirm or deny the reports that Israel had made direct contacts with Hemedti.

Sudan agreed to normalize relations with Israel in 2020 following heavy pressure from the administration of former US President Donald Trump. The UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco all normalized relations with Israel that year under the controversial Abraham Accords.

However, unlike those countries, Sudan has not exchanged ambassadors with Israel and the Sudanese population remains largely opposed to normalizing relations.

Israeli diplomats have been communicating with both Burhan and Hemedti as part of mediation efforts, according to an Israeli official, with the aim of de-escalating the situation and creating conditions for the establishment of a civilian government.

Countries have evacuated thousands of their citizens, but many are still stuck in Khartoum, with fears mounting that a catastrophic humanitarian disaster could ensue from the fighting.

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