Tandem drifting kicks off officially for first time in Jordan

(Photos: Jordan Motorsport Facebook)
AMMAN — The first official Tandem Drift Championship took place in the Dead Sea Service Park on June 30, organized by Jordan Motorsports; it was part of the Jordan Drift Championship 2022.اضافة اعلان

The simplest form of tandem drift sees one car take the lead and start drifting, followed by the chase car drifting behind it; in the second round they switch place. Winners are decided by to the points given by the judges according to certain qualifications.

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Participants from various countries — Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Pakistan, and Palestine, besides Jordan — competed with a total of 45 cars in two stages. Of these, the top 24 qualified; they continued competing individually, in the qualifications stage, which took place on Thursday till eight cars got a place guaranteed for the second stage, the race, which took place on Friday. In the second stage, the 16 cars left competed till eight qualified. They competed with the eight cars that had claimed their spot in the qualifications stage till only four cars were left to compete in the semifinals.

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In the finals, the first place went to Jordan’s Ahmad Daham, who rode a Nissan Silvia S15 in a breathtaking performance; he came back to compete in Jordan after six years of absence. Daham competed in the final round against UAE’s Nasser Al-Harbali, who rode a Nissan 350Z.

Jordanian Othman Al-Takriti, got in third place riding a BMW E46; he competed against fellow Jordanian Ahmad Al-Jabali who rode a Nissan Silvia S13.

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The event was sponsored by Zain Jordan.

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