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Cloud visits U-16 national team training, shares expertise

Natasha Cloud visits the U-16 national basketball team. (Photo: Jordan Basketball Federation)
AMMAN — Natasha Cloud, the American, naturalized national team (Falcon’s) basketball player, visited the U-16 national basketball team practices in the presence of the team’s manager Raya Maraqa.اضافة اعلان

Cloud ensured to visit the U-16 team to boost the players’ spirits and share some of her expertise.

The players expressed their excitement at the presence of Cloud and stressed that they intend to follow her lead and give all they can to represent the Falcons in the best way possible.

The U-16 teams hold around five practices per week, which are led by Sirsa Naghawi and her assistants, Yousef Al-Faqes and Anoud Serojeh. After Cloud’s visit, the team continued their intensive practices for division B of the Asia Cup Juniors.

Naghawi stated to the Jordanian Basketball Federation’s website that: “The adequate preparation period provided by the federation to the team, helped us develop a comprehensive and ambitious plan to enhance the physical and tactical level of the players, ensuring a completion for the championship title.”

“In this phase, we seek to develop the principles of rapid attacks, physical strength, and raise the scoring rates,” She added.

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