V-Rising: A survival game done right

(Photos: Stunlock Studios)
We all know about the unwavering popularity of survival games. Minecraft is a prime example, with 140 million active users worldwide. It is not surprising to see an increasing number of survival games appear over time. However, none of them have successfully amassed Minecraft’s player base these past 11 years. اضافة اعلان

The question now becomes: is Minecraft’s relentless success a reason to stop producing games in this genre? The answer is no, not at all.

Many survival games have succeeded in gaining enough popularity to be considered successful. V-Rising, which was released on May 17, is one of the latest in production. It has taken the gaming world by storm, with around 150,000 players purchasing it in the span of about two weeks.

But does this new survival game warrant excitement, and is it worth your time? Is it just a fad that will die out, or is it on the road to cementing itself as one of the greats?

Let us find out.

The story
As another vampire-themed game, V-Rising has not escaped the notable supernatural trend emerging this year. However, it does deviate from the gaming clichés. In V-Rising, you play a weakened vampire who has awoken after humans nearly wiped your kind from existence. Although not the most original storyline, it works well considering the game’s nature.

When you launch the game, a quick cutscene gives context regarding the events of the world of V-Rising. This is followed by a screen asking you to choose whether you want to play on a PVP or PVE server. There are a few variations to these choices, so you can opt for the best one that suits your playstyle.

Upon deciding, you are given a long list of servers available to create your character. The character creation in this game is straightforward, with two possible body types and a few options to customize your vampire.

The play and feel
Once finally in the game, you awaken in the opening necropolis area, where you are walked through the camera controls, key binds, and nature of what to expect during your fight for survival. After this foundational stage, you are given the choice of which bottom side of the map to start exploring, and this is where you get to see what the world of V-Rising has to offer.

Throughout the early stages, you will have “missions” appearing on the top left of your screen. These initially start simple, pointing you in the right direction towards where you should probably go and what you are supposed to do.

But before you start thinking that this might be a handholding mechanic, the world reveals its brutality, and, if unprepared, you can suddenly be one-shot by random roaming mobs across the map. So, it is your duty to survive each day, progressing through the world as you collect resources and explore.

Sounds simple enough, right?
Not entirely. Unlike most survival games, this one focuses on the fact that you are playing a vampire; the night is not your enemy, the day is. Developers at Stunlock Studios sadistically emphasize this, having the sun kill you in a couple of seconds if you do not seek shade or shelter.

Regarding shelter, one of the game’s main goals is to gather enough resources to construct your very own gothic castle. With straightforward building mechanics and a nifty move tool to move anything you have misplaced, making your dream castle becomes a simple feat.

Combat and progression
While everything mentioned so far is typical of survival games, the combat feels fluid, dynamic, and incredibly fun. The top-down aspect makes it feel like a Diablo title while also including multiplayer online battle arena elements like spells. Though, unlike Diablo, there is not exactly a leveling system.

In terms of your battle level, it is decided by your weapon and gear level. Your abilities are gained by tracking and killing boss-level enemies that you suck the power out of. The more you kill, the more recipes you obtain for better gear, and the more you can upgrade yourself and your castle.

This cycle does not feel repetitive since, as you persist, new rewards are earned that you can explore.

V-Rising clearly takes inspiration from previous survival games like Valheim, which was released a little over a year ago. However, it steers clear of the typical survival game feeling. Looting resources do not feel tedious; combat is entertaining and quick, focusing on strategically positioning yourself; and the rush of dopamine when you uncover something new or kill the next big boss character cannot be more satisfying.

While still in early access, it is clear that Stunlock Studios have cracked the code with V-Rising. It is definitely worth a try, even if you are not typically a fan of the genre.

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