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Ubisoft’s Rider’s Republic keeps the adrenaline rushing

(Photos: Rider’s Republic)
AMMAN — Motor cross, extreme dirt biking, and glorious locations — this is only the tip of what Rider’s Republic has on offer in its action-packed extreme sports bonanza.اضافة اعلان

While extreme sports are somewhat of a niche gaming segment, Rider’s Republic creates a highly accessible, fun, and relaxing experience where you set your mind adrift as you plow through dirt fields, mountainous terrain, and the riversides of the game’s massive geography.

Engines not required

Gliders, skis, and mountain bikes await you throughout the game’s vast landscapes and beautifully rendered scenery. Unlike other Ubisoft games that we have grown accustomed to, this game is closer to a social playground, reminiscent of Ubisoft’s previous stint in the extreme sports market — Steep. 
If we were to name one thing that the game does absolutely right, it is the fact that the progression is neither linear nor imposed on the player through any limitations. All activities are available during the first few hours of gameplay, and none of them are made less fun than the next.

(Photos: Rider’s Republic)

The game does not force you to stick to a single activity to progress through the story or to play through all its gameplay features. If you enjoy biking, the game feeds you a constant stream of updates and content, always keeping you on your toes.

A game for everyone

The most notable feature that plays out in the game’s favor is how accessible it is to the general user. We see this game being picked up by everyone — from your average extreme sports fan to those who have played nothing but Call of Duty for years.

The game is intuitive when it comes to controls and is possibly the least punishing when the player inevitably fails to traverse a certain obstacle, being quick to reset your progress within seconds.

(Photos: Rider’s Republic)

This isn’t to say that the game doesn’t challenge you. Unlike other games where micro-transactions are a predominant way to get the coolest outfits and gear, Rider’s Republic provides everything to their players by encouraging progression through more challenging events within the game. Be it a rough terrain or a sprint to beat a timer, those who are looking for the best gear and enjoy a thorough challenge will be as welcome as those who seek a more leisurely experience.

The sound of Spotify

If there was a bone to pick with Rider’s Republic, it would certainly be the announcers that inform you throughout your free roam drives about the various things happening around you. While this isn’t inherently negative, it gets old quick, especially when multiple announcers talk over each other.

Since the game is best played at your own pace, and you’ll spend much of your time in free roam (unless you use the fast travel option, which we don’t recommend doing in the first place), it is highly advised to opt in for a Spotify playlist or some alternate music source while you’re thrashing and crashing.

Some thoughts, reflections

This game is best defined as a free float down some rapids in a submersible. It is incredibly fun — you know you’re moderately safe no matter what accident you pull, and you get to enjoy a tremendous view.

(Photos: Rider’s Republic)

The game offers just as much for the average player as it does the hardcore, and the generous number of viewpoints, tracks, and activities are enough to keep you engaged for tens of hours.

With multiplayer in the mix, this playground becomes even more worthy of your arsenal when you’re in the mood to chat with your buddies while having the game in the background.

Overall, a fantastic release by Ubisoft, and is likely one that is here to stay.

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