The new Honda HR-V is a youthful newcomer in a crowded segment

(Photos: Handout from Honda)
(Photos: Handout from Honda)
The all-new Honda HR-V, which was launched in 2019 by Honda Motors in Jordan, is among the more compact SUV models; it has been designed to suit the active lifestyles of younger generations.اضافة اعلان

 A pioneering model in the compact SUV segment, this five-seater was launched in Jordan, the GCC, and North Africa, bridging an significant gap in their markets as well as Honda’s SUV family.

The SUV category, in which Honda HR-V competed with full force and vigor, is regarded as one of the most important and fastest growing car classifications in the world. In the Jordanian market alone, the past few years saw consumers "migrate" from sedans towards multi-purpose, sport utility vehicles known as SUVs. The segment is achieving steady growth, encouraging manufacturers to show their presence within it. Honda did that by enhancing its CR-V and Pilot models and adding new members to its Japanese family of SUVs.

 In terms of design and appearance, Honda clings to its original and sleek designs, with the all-new HR-V donning an exterior that suits the taste of millennials. Resembling a bird’s wing, the front grille of the car is painted dark chrome and extends above the headlights.

The front end and the grille opening below the chrome strip have been designed to emphasize a touch of luxury in the car’s appearance, and the fog lamp location has been enlarged to give the HR-V a more aggressive look. The car is also equipped with a sporty front bumper.

At its rear, taillights with integrated LEDs give the HR-V a distinctly energetic look. A new feature in the SUV-B segment is the panoramic sunroof, which is available on the EX-grade, making the HR-V resemble a large SUV, ready for the next adventure.  In addition, the all-new HR-V is fitted with 40cm aluminum wheels in the DX grade and 43cm wheels in the LX and EX grades.

In terms of its interior, the HR-V radiates youthfulness with its distinct touches. Honda designed the cockpit of the HR-V so that everything is right where you need it, and while the dashboard is equipped with the latest technology, it is incredibly easy to navigate. Coordination between the car’s beige fabric, dashboard, door linings, and roof cloth offers drivers an unparalleled sense of comfort and the interior a high-end look.

The new HR-V appears to have been designed to provide room for activity; the car gives occupants ample interior space, and the HR-V's centrally designed fuel tank offers space in the rear luggage compartment. The magical new second-row seats are further proof of smart thinking. 

The second-row seats are designed to be used and adjusted in various ways to maximize loading capacity, and as in the case of the Jazz, the HR-V has a 60:40 split-split for the rear seats. This wide split allows the seats to sink into the floor, providing a large interior space. It can also be folded to allow the sideloading of hard-to-load items such as bicycles.  Thanks to the new fold-down mechanism, the HR-V has a trunk capacity of 1,456 liters, and offers up to 2.8 cubic meters of passenger space, with a rear seat and plenty of legroom, despite the car’s compact exterior design.

Other features include a 17cm touchscreen audio display, USB and HDMI slots that allow you to connect your smartphone and utilize a personalized audio system, and a call history log.  The multifunction steering wheel is equipped with audio and cruise control capabilities, making it an easy-to-use interface for drivers, and the HR-V features a climate control system, where occupants can adjust the temperature inside the car with the touch of a button. This is in addition to the smart entry system and push-button start.

In terms of power and performance, the HR-V carries an engine that combines high performance with low operating costs; The car is equipped with a 1.8-liter i-VTEC petrol engine that produces 140hp at 6,500rpm and 172Nm in torque  at 4,300rpm, which supports efficiency and fuel economy, bringing the fuel consumption to 16.9km a liter.

The HR-V is also distinguished as a front-wheel drive car, with a seven-speed continuous-shift automatic transmission.

Thanks to this CVT transmission, you can comfortably drive the car in automatic mode and alter your speed using the steering wheel-mounted, gearshift paddle shifter inspired by a race car. The continuously shifting transmission now features a modified system so that the gears are much closer to those in a conventional transmission. This "shifting" gives the driver of the HR-V a more familiar feel during acceleration and helps it reduce indoor noise levels.

As for the suspension system, the car’s chassis has a fuel tank installed within, which provides an ideal balance of the weight, working to concentrate the central mass of the car. Paired with the interactive dampeners and a wide range, this gives the HR-V outstanding handling flexibility and reduces body roll.

The new HR-V comes with a suite of safety and driver assistance technologies. The 2019 HR-V features a standard list of active and passive safety features; These technologies include Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Traction Control Systems (TCS), with driver and front seat passenger airbags standard on all trims. It also features side and side curtain airbags, LED daytime running lights, and sensors in the rear corners and the rear of the vehicle to assist when parking.

The HR-V is the choice for younger crowds who are ready to upgrade to a SUV.

The HR-V has the unique "Magic" seat feature, which allows enough storage space in the rear seating area to literally to carry a mountain bike.

Honda design and quality, smart interior, active performance, and good fuel economy.

The CVT’s shifting, although this is partially fixed by padel shifting. Limited variety of specs.



4 cylinder 1.5 liter gasoline engine

CVT transmission, front-wheel drive

Horse Power: 140hp / Torque: 172NM

 Km/h: 190
 0 to 100km/h: 7

Fuel Consumption
Combined  5.8L/100km

 Length 4,348mm - Width 1,772mm - Height 1,605mm - Wheelbase 2,610mm - Curb weight 1,264kg

Starting @JD24,900

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