Mercedes-AMG One: One for the Formula fans

1. Mercedes AMG One 1
(Photos: Mercedes-Benz)
Production for the latest heavily-hyped, hybrid halo hyper-car, the Mercedes-AMG One, is officially underway. Set to theoretically grace the road, it will more realistically be squirreled away into private collections and rarely see light of day. First seen as a 2017 concept car and unveiled in production-ready form earlier this summer, the One is an undeniably impressive new addition to its rarified segment. But it seems like one to be lusted after by tech-heads and Formula One fanboys rather than those car enthusiasts with petrol metaphorically coursing through their veins.اضافة اعلان

Unlikely to be experienced by most motoring media, given its eye-watering estimated JD1.95 million price tag and projected 275 car production run, one can only speculate about the One’s actual characteristics. However, cold hard stats indicate that the One is certainly a technological tour de force, powered by a genuine Formula One-derived engine. Expected to be a scalpel-like track weapon, the One’s heavy-handed reliance on electrification and technology however lends the impression of a less visceral experience than the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50.

Built on a stiff and light carbon-fiber frame, the One is primarily powered by a small high revving turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine. Positioned behind the two-seat cabin, the One’s engine can rev to 11,000rpm and develops 574HP at 9,000rpm to power the rear wheels through an automated 7-speed gearbox and integrated locking differential. Highly stressed, sensitive, and expectedly costly to run, the One’s combustion engine is speculated to need a rebuild every 50,000km, not that most owners will clock up such mileage.

Assisted by four additional electric motors running on a high 800V system and utilizing a comparatively light liquid-cooled battery pack, the One develops a combined output of 1,063HP and similarly immense, yet undisclosed torque. Of these,, two 163HP motors drive the front wheels with the assistance of a torque vectoring system to effectively make it an all-wheel-drive hyper-car better able to put down its prodigious power and grip the road. The One also features adaptive race-style pushrod suspension to manage ride and handling.

With another 163HP motor assisting the combustion engine in driving the rear wheels, the One’s fourth 122HP electric motor meanwhile powers the combustion engine’s turbocharger at low revs, until sufficient gas flow pressure has accumulated. This electric turbocharging effectively nullifies any lag associated with traditional mechanical turbocharging and keeps the turbo on boost at all times to provide instant high power response. This motor also charges the hybrid system batteries, which are also charged by a highly efficient regenerative braking.

If no quicker than a more attainable Nissan GT-R, the similarly weighty 1,695kg One’s 2.9-second zero-to-100km/h acceleration is outshined by its much more impressive 7-second zero-to-200km/h and 15.6-second zero-to-300km/h acceleration, and 352km/h top speed. Its other party tricks include various driving modes that hone its active aerodynamic airflow and hybrid system electricity flow for combinations of high performance and high downforce, from as low as 50km/h, or reduced air resistance for higher speeds and lower consumption, and an 18.1km EV mode range.

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