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With an illustrious back catalog of luxury cars and presidential limousines, Lincoln’s return to prominence as a premium contemporary automaker is best showcased by the Aviator SUV. Introduced in 2020 with the model as the second largest of an almost exclusively SUV and crossover-dominated product line, the Aviator is compellingly well-rounded. comfortably cushioned, cavernously spacious, and purposefully styled. It harks back to old-school American cars but brings world-class handling confidence, interior refinement, and high-tech features often associated with snootier, pricier European brands.اضافة اعلان

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The Aviator is a dynamically accomplished, three-row mid-size luxury alternative that is unmistakably American, which brings the fight to premium European brand SUVs. Generously equipped with sophisticated safety, assistance, comfort, and infotainment features and decked with fine materials and tastefully modern design, the Aviator is a large but stylish, glamorous, and glitzy SUV. Imbued with a powerful, hunkered-down presence, the Aviator conceals its bulk and is a far cry from excessive, bold, or unsophisticatedly brutish premium segment pretenders.

Subtly but evocatively playing to its elegantly classic front-engine, rear-drive proportions, the Aviator features an indulgently long and swept bonnet and short front overhang. These are complemented by and juxtaposed with a long rear overhang and broad, bulging rear quarter. Sitting with a rearwards bias, the Aviator seems in motion even at a standstill and features a discretely descending roofline, jutting tailgate spoiler, muscular wheel-arches, and quad tailpipes to further lend athletic urgency. Meanwhile, its glass-to-body ratio and enormous 22-inch alloy wheels are similarly well-proportioned.

Seamlessly sweeping
Riding on a new rear-drive oriented platform with optional four-wheel-drive and a powerful twin-turbocharged direct injection 3-litre V6 engine, the Aviator is closely related to its parent brand’s Ford Explorer ST SUV. The two-ton plus Aviator is a brisk performer, producing 405HP at 5,750rpm and 563Nm torque at an easily accessible 2,750rpm. With a slick and quick 10-speed automatic gearbox that well exploits available output, the Aviator dashes through 0–100km/h in approximately 5.5-second and onto an unrestricted top speed estimated at 230km/h.

Refined and quiet at relaxed cruising speeds but raspy and eager when driven assertively and pushed towards its rev limit, the Aviator’s 3-litre V6 is capably well-rounded over a broad range. All but eliminating the idling speed lag associated with many turbocharged engines, the Aviator launches responsively and forcefully from standstill. Pulling hard from low-end, the Aviator rides on a deep underlying torque reservoir that delivers wide band versatility. A typical for its segment, the Aviator’s sweeping delivery is, however, satisfyingly urgent and engagingly peaky.

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Despite a clear emphasis on comfort over sporting qualities, the Aviator is nevertheless surprisingly and confidently adept through corners and sudden direction changes. Eager into and balanced through corners with its four-wheel-drive providing reassuring road-holding, the Aviator is committed yet adjustable and intuitively agile in its at-the-limit handling for a long, tall, and heavy SUV. Inevitably leaning when eagerly entering a corner with weight noticeably transferring to the outside rear, the Aviator seamlessly gathers composure as its suspension swiftly but progressively tautens.

Confident comfort

Better handling than is typical of its segment, the Aviator tidily turns into corners, with light but direct electric-assisted steering providing a better than anticipated feel. Balanced in layout and weighting, the Aviator’s rear-biased four-wheel-drive intuitively redistributes power frontwards as needed for grip and agility. Dynamically well-rounded, the Aviator’s forte is, however, its superb ride quality. Recalling the cushioned, wafting comfort of large American saloons of yesteryears, the Aviator delivers similarly supple comfort, but without the shuddering vertical responses, exaggerated body lean, or vague dynamics.

Confident, stable, and refined at speed, the Aviator is a natural long-distance express. Forgivingly comfortable and composed over bumps, potholes, and assorted imperfections, the Aviator rides with seemingly seamless fluency. Dispatching even poorly paved highway stretches with supple poise and settled vertical movement, the Aviator remains smooth and comfortable, even when riding on firm low profile 275/40R22 tires. Available with adaptive air suspension and a forward-facing Road Preview camera system, the Aviator “reads” the road and adjusts suspension rates for textural changes ahead.

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Indulgently luxurious in character, materials, and textures, the Aviator’s cabin is best with darker leather and wood tones but is available with a broad choice of specifications and trim packages. Similarly, it features a long list of standard and optional convenience, comfort, infotainment, safety, and driver assistance equipment. Comfortable inside with highly adjustable seats, the Aviator’s generous passenger and luggage space can accommodate seven or six passengers, as equipped with either standard bench or optional twin independent mid-row seating, and includes reasonably roomy third-row seating.

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