Mom’s good taste in fashion inspires daughter

Shreim’s fashion is a meeting point between ‘might’ and ‘hope’

(Photo: Jnews)
AMMAN — Jordanian fashion designer Farah Shreim says that her mother’s elegance and passion was her main inspiration.

In an interview, Shreim said she remembers loving every piece in her mother’s wardrobe since she was 10 years old.اضافة اعلان

She recalled drawing unique designs inspired by every item and that she would dream of the day she saw her sketches come to life through textile fabric.

One day, as a young woman, Shreim let her imagination run wild and started to conjure up ideas for her very first, original design.

In her first attempt, Shreim “recycled” a worn-out pair of blue jeans into handbag.

The beginning was “childish in every detail”. Shreim started by designing clothes for dolls from spare pieces of fabric, styling them too look more “colorful and alive:” But things took a serious turn when she finished high school and decided that fashion design was the thing she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Shreim travelled to Canada where she enrolled in Conestoga University. She excelled in her studies and later debuted her graduation project, which she simply dubbed “Musical”.

The project went on to receive an “excellent” review and made headlines across several news websites.

Shreim graduated first in her class.

Afterwards, the artist returned to Jordan; determined to turn her childhood dream into a prosperous career. To learn more about design, she joined Picasso Academy in 2016 and studied fashion design with Lebanese designers in London. She chose to study at the hands of Lebanese experts with the aim of blending western and eastern design concepts. There, she received a London Diploma for Fashion Design in 2018.

In 2019, she decided to create her own project, adding her own touch and relying on a carefully studied approach to manifesting her creations. She launched her first fashion collection under the title “Jabarout” (might), where she was keen to have every piece reflect a distinct touch and design.

Come COVID-19, the industry suffered like many other sectors, but the artist rose to the challenge and announced a new collection titled “Amal” (hope).

Again, it was inspired by her mom, more specifically, a disease the older lady suffered from. A special headscarf collection — bright and colorful — was meant to delight the hearts of the ill.