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June 26 2022 7:29 PM ˚
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Kimono by Kat expresses freedom through fashion

Klepikova gets inspired by tropical weather and her surroundings, and tries to implement her ideas in a way that expresses her style. (Photo: Handout from Ekaterina Klepikova)
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Ekaterina Klepikova, a Russian fashion designer who resides in Amman, would find it “hard to find something suitable for me to wear when I visited shopping malls, so this encouraged me to start learning how to sew”. اضافة اعلان

As she used to reside in Thailand before moving to Jordan, she got inspired by the way Thais express themselves through clothes, and by their Boho and hippie styles, and decided to start designing kimonos.

Nowadays, she said, people from around the world are wearing kimonos, for various reasons, such as covering up or adding lively vibes to their plain outfits.

Klepikova likes kimonos “because they can be worn on many occasions”. At first, she did not design her kimonos to sell them, only to practice her hobby of creating and seeing her ideas come to life.

(Photo: Handout from Ekaterina Klepikova)

In 2021, she launched her online store Kimono by Kat. She said she is still learning new skills through her store.

She said that three words may describe her style, which is leaning toward Boho, hippie, spiritual, and African: elegant, comfortable, and unique.

So far, she did not launch a collection, but designs individual pieces, which are not limited to women; she creates pieces for males as well. She started designing kimonos for her husband, but when she received positive feedback from people around her, she determined to start producing unique pieces for men. Still, she has more diverse female designs, she said.

(Photo: Handout from Ekaterina Klepikova)

“Some of my pieces are unisex but with different sizes, to fit both genders,” she said.

The materials Klepikova uses vary; for instance, she uses chiffon, silk and other materials that are smooth on the skin.

When she began designing, she used to import the materials from Egypt, which she described as a fabrics paradise. Now, she uses materials from Jordan, but they are not always available, which makes it challenging.

(Photo: Handout from Ekaterina Klepikova)

Klepikova gets inspired by tropical weather and her surroundings, and tries to implement her ideas in a way that expresses her style, she said.

When she first started designing, she was afraid that Jordanians would not accept the idea of kimonos. Therefore, she aimed to design kimonos that reflect the conservative nature of the country.

She comes up with ideas, sketches, and sews all by herself. Her husband helps her design men pieces, she said, “as he has a deep insight into male fashion”.

Fashion design is interesting, she said, as it helps “people express themselves through the way they dress, gives them more confidence and self-love”.

“Designing is like meditation for me,” she added. 

According to her, Pinterest is an effective social media platform for designers to explore, get ideas, keep up with trends, and get inspired. 

(Photo: Handout from Ekaterina Klepikova)

In March, she aims to expand her product line from kimonos only to a clothing brand that includes pieces such as suits and shorts.

A more distant goal is to participate in fashion shows. This year, she also aspires to have her own physical store, which will be called “Osho”, that clients can visit and explore the variety of designs she offers. She also plans to sign contracts with stores in Amman and Aqaba to display her designs.

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