Jordanian visual pop artist launches his first hand-painted fashion brand

Naouri 2
Qais Naouri, or Kish Jeane surrounded by models wearing his newly launched hand-painted capsule dresses collection. (Photos: Handouts from Qais Naouri)
AMMAN — Qais Naouri, or Kish Jeane, a Jordanian visual pop artist, fashion designer, and owner of an online store known as Kish’s Canvas, is launching a new unique fashion brand for evening wear. اضافة اعلان

Naouri has always reflected his passion for pop culture through his arts, which you can find printed on clothes and various items on his website and store based in Los Angeles, California. 

“I enjoy pop art and colors in my day-to-day life. It is amazing that I get to enjoy them in my career as well,” Kish said in an interview with Jordan News.
Kish’s Canvas store functions on an on-demand basis, where customers get to choose what art they want to be printed and on what. The store offers a variety of products with his printed art, from t-shirts to phone covers. 

Naouri opened his on-demand store after people began asking if they could print his art. He believes the demand allowed the store idea to choose him because he didn’t plan for it, unlike his hand-painted fashion, which has been his dream for a while. 

“The future is female,” Qais Naouri’s favorite dress from his newly launched hand-painted capsule dresses collection.

When Naouri decided to start his line of hand-painted evening wear, he decided to follow his own belief that art should be taught to support the talent and went to the fashion designer Ziad Mushaki to help guide him on the basics of fashion design. 

Naouri combined his passion for painting, pop culture, and fashion design and released his first hand-painted capsule dresses collection. He crafted each dress to deliver a message: “This collection means a lot to me, as I have always wanted to make my line of fashion design, especially since it is a combination of everything that I love to do,” Naouri stated. 

The difference between Naouri’s old projects and his newer projects is that it is more inclusive of artists, “in the past I used to focus on popstars, and public figures, but now my focus is much wider, where I focus on the message behind the dresses, and every artist in the art scene,” he explained. 

While every dress has a meaning, “The future is female” is Naouri’s favorite dress, as it is a feminist piece with a diverse collection of women’s faces painted on its train to represent all women. 

For another dress, the artist recreated artwork from Keith Haring in the ’80s that highlights and talks about HIV awareness. Keith Haring is an artist born in 1958 known for his colorful cartoon artwork that he used to talk about HIV awareness; before he died, he set up the Keith Haring foundation to fund HIV research and help children impacted by the disease.  

Naouri’s dresses were made using fabric paint and eco-friendly paint spray, making them washable. “It was very important to me to use an eco-friendly paint because as the paintings are delivering a message, the paint should as well,” he explained. 

The artist believes that his collection isn’t for everyday wear or even casual social events, but instead, the collection is made for a daring person who is interested in pop culture and willing to make a statement through what they are wearing. “Not all dresses are for daily life,” he said 
The artist promises more collaborations with prominent fashion designers and more collections that will be released by next year as his next step.

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