Designer creates modern pieces with traditional twists

fasahion model
Models wear pieces designed by Satanay Hatouq, a local fashion designer who competed in KHAYT 2019, and now has her own line. (Photo: Handout from Satanay Hatouq)
AMMAN — Local fashion designer Satanay Hatouq studied business at the University of Jordan, but her dream of becoming a fashion designer took her on a decidedly more creative path. اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Jordan News, Hatouq said she believes that creating a piece of clothing from fabric is “magical”, and that she tries to incorporate traditional elements into modern pieces such as skirts and tops.

The designer said her interest in fashion began when she was very young and would watch her mom sewing. “I believe the first time my mom finished a whole suit, I was amazed, and from there I started to go deeper into fashion,” said Hatouq.

She first started her business career in fashion with KHAYT, a local competition for fashion designers in Jordan, organized by the UN. The competition, which took place from March till June of 2019, drew 120 applications from all over the Kingdom. She said that at times she felt like giving up, but that her sister encouraged her to go on.

“The moment I was approved in the competition, I was very happy and I believed it would be a great experience. I started working harder on my designs and on my own brand and name,” Hatouq said.

For the competition, she combined Circassian and Jordanian patterns and embroidery, (Hatouq is of Circassion background), to craft a modern skirt and top.

Where “Circassian clothing differs from Jordanian clothing is with the fabric,” she said. “Satin fabric is commonly used for Circassian designs, while linen is commonly used for Jordainan clothing.”

“I still haven’t designed a full (traditional) Circassian clothing (piece) because most people prefer to buy custom made dresses, but I might in the future or in my homeland.”

According to Hatouq, fashion design has become more popular in Jordan since 2019, “which is great because it gives designers an opportunity to show people that in Jordan we have a good fashion industry.”

However, Hatouq added that finding materials is still a problem. “I can’t find everything and the fashion industry in Jordan hasn’t been given much attention,” she explained “Everything is kind of pricey, from tailoring to fabrics.”

While that hasn’t stopped the “many talented fashion designers in Jordan,” Hatouq said she worries some younger designers are afraid “that they are not going to make a lot of money out of it,” adding that the industry needs more attention to encourage up and coming Jordanians.

She also believes that fashion can play a role helping grow Jordanian culture by combining elements from similar cultures, or by incorporating traditional elements into modern pieces.

She is currently working on her summer 2021 collection, which she said, takes a contemporary approach to traditional Indian dress. “I took the Indian culture idea and modernized it in my own way,” said Hatouq, adding that she always tries to make her clothing luxurious and affordable.

“Nothing expresses one’s personality better than the outfit they are choosing, and I believe that all women should feel luxurious, strong, and special in the way they are dressing,” she said. This is why I mainly aim at designing pieces that reflect the beauty of simplicity. Less is more.”

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