Supporting reform is a national duty

Khalid Dalal (Photo: Jordan News)
Khalid Dalal (Photo: Jordan News)
Reform has always been a demand by the elites and the grassroots of the community alike, and this mandate is exactly the job being done by the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System. Nevertheless, there are those who are putting the sticks in the wheel, and placing hurdles before the progress of this national mission, undertaken by a 90-strong panel, representing the political, social, and intellectual spectra in the country. The drive is crowned with a Royal guarantee that there will be no interference in the work of the committee. So, what do the negativists want?اضافة اعلان

In fact, at a meeting with the chair and members of the committee last week, His Majesty King Abdullah pointed to these forces, stressing that the process will keep moving regardless of any resistance. "The process of modernization and development will continue for a better future for Jordan, despite attempts to hinder its progress," His Majesty said, reiterating the same message he passed to Jordanians when the panel was formed.

We can accept as a fact of life that some have been and will remain inconsistent and hard to please, basing their positions on how much they can gain from any new reality; otherwise, they will fight it back, using groundless arguments and various platforms to disturb our work and distract us from the mission ahead.

The upside of this situation is that the King, the elites, and the grassroots have a clear and accurate diagnosis of the problems facing us now and in the foreseeable future, and are ready to stand up in the face of those spoilers through full and unwavering support of this home-grown reform process.

What gives us all more hope is that Jordan has, yet again, proved itself to be truly resilient, having already started recovering from COVID-19's destructive impact and moved on from a political juncture that almost cost the Kingdom dearly.

But things have changed, especially after His Majesty's recent historic visit to Washington, and other successful diplomatic moves, culminating in the country regaining its deserved key role in regional geopolitics, in addition to winning further respect and trust by influential international actors.

We have a unique leadership, with a vision and genuine desire to make changes that serve the public and make our lives better, within a holistic approach on the three major fronts: Administrative, political and economic.

Another assuring fact is that the entire makeover is built on the King's seven Discussion Papers, which serve as the perfect reference framework for the process. In a nutshell, we have all the ingredients, the will, and an opportunity that we should not miss. The discordant voices might be loud sometimes, but in all cases, we are not listening to them, and soon the ball will be in the court of the lawmakers to defend and promote our interests; if they resist the change, it is up to us, the voters, to push them to the sidelines and open a new chapter for the future we seek to realize.

That is why His Majesty made sure at said meeting to point out that transparency and better communication with the people are essential elements of success. He urged the panel to keep "the public informed of its discussions and consensus, so that all stakeholders are aware of what is needed moving forward."

At the end of the day, we are talking about a national duty of each and every citizen to support this effort and to believe that Jordan can make it, simply because our country has a long history of one achievement following another.
Let's all be positive and move on. Negativity hurts only those who believe in and practice it.

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