Makesy connects local women with business owners

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(Photos: Handouts from Makesy)
AMMAN — With a family history of dressmaking and embroidery, Saeed Omar saw the need to connect local women artisan embroiderers and dressmakers with fashion design businesses within and outside Jordan who are looking for skilled artisans to contract to manufacture their designs.اضافة اعلان

Omar set up Makesy in 2021, a company that does just that.

 (Photos: Handouts from Makesy)

“We used to take requests from fashion designers from outside Jordan, such as requests for design and production of pieces, embroidery, and additional services,” Omar told Jordan News in an interview.

 Makesy outsources the best local artisans to create any custom-order garments. The artisans are trained through Sitat Byoot, a vocational training academy for women who want to set up their own businesses from home. 

 “We started Sitat Byoot in 2010 and have taught women sewing and embroidery,” Omar said. The purpose was to find work for the Sitat Byoot’s female trainees. “Graduates of Sitat Byoot have a variety of options, including working for other businesses, starting their own home-based business, or continuing with Makesy,” he said.

 Makesy is an excellent approach for women to overcome obstacles that may prevent them from joining the labor market. Omar said that Makesy does not encourage women to start their own home-based businesses because of the many challenges and obstacles they may face. “We don’t push women,” Omar said.

 He said that before anyone opens a business even from home, they must have a successful product culture, as well as a financial culture that allows them to know the basic and essential laws of business. 

“Most women said that marketing is one of the major problems that they face with their home-based business, but the most important thing is that they must prepare their products properly for the market,” Omar said.

 Makesy’s role is networking and linking local artisans and fashion designers or business owners in Jordan and the world. “We are connected with fashion designers around the world,” Omar said, “and we have a large team of local artisans who can fulfill the largest orders.”

 Makesy works to support women and their work, particularly in hard-to-reach areas in Jordan as the project is preparing for several workshops to train and motivate women and help them create job opportunities. “We have a large number of women in the areas of Al-Rusaifa, Al-Wahdat, and others,” Omar said.

 (Photos: Handouts from Makesy)

 He said that Makesy will soon launch a mobile application that will be available on all mobile devices and tablets. The project supports a large number of local communities and empowers women to have their own craft, earn an income, and benefit their entire community. “It has been a challenging journey,” Omar said. 

 Buthaina Deeb, Makesy’s operations manager said that the company provides customized orders for outfits and home accessories.

Local artisans are connected with entrepreneurs and business owners and fashion designers who contract them to implement projects.

Makesy also provide all the tools, supplies, and materials that women might require or need for their work.

 “We hand over the work to the local artisans, manage and supervise it, and then send it to the client, whether inside or outside Jordan, after ensuring the quality of the products and work,” Deeb said.

 According to Deeb, Makesy benefits women greatly because it provides them with work opportunities and allows them to work from home using their skills and talents.

 Deeb also said that women who work with Makesy have a variety of high-quality skills in different types of sewing. “We have a big Database in many cities in Jordan, moreover, women are highly talented at their craft and have skills in many types of sewing such as crochet, embroidery, knitting, and others,” She said.

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