Crystals and gemstones for the soul

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Gemstones and necklaces from “Hajaren.” (Photo: Haya Najdawi/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Malik Al-Refa’e, 24, used to set up booths in Souq Jara and malls for handicrafts and jewelry. Then he met a girl who was working with precious and semiprecious stones, and was into energy and meditation, and liked the idea so much that he decided to open his own store selling crystals. اضافة اعلان

“I had many connections with other sellers, then I met my partner, Khalil Khouri, who happened to work with stones and crystals as well, is an expert when it comes to meditation and energy flow and healing, and also knows a lot about the zodiac signs.  That is how we started this business,” Refa’e told Jordan News

Gemstones and necklaces from “Hajaren.” (Photo: Haya Najdawi/Jordan News)

The partners opened the shop “Hajaren” in June, one branch in Swefieh and one in Rainbow Street. Refa’e said it was very important to them to operate actual shops.

“It is for authenticity reasons. People can trick you into buying fake stones online. In my case, when costumers ask about a certain stone, I can tell them to come to the store to check it for themselves,” he said. 

Crystals became very popular recently, with Tiktok playing a huge part in making them trendy, in addition to celebrities wearing them as jewelry. 
“A while ago, Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri wore an emerald necklace. You won’t believe how many costumers asked if it was available in our store. Tourists really love them, too” said Refa’e. 

“Hajaren” offers a variety of crystals, such as moonstone, clear quartz, jade, opal, tiger’s eye, jasper, green aventurine, carnelian, white onyx, obsidian, the seven chakra stones.

Gemstones and necklaces from “Hajaren.” (Photo: Haya Najdawi/Jordan News)

Rose quartz, which is one of the most popular gemstones with girls, has a light pink color and is said to have healing and calming powers. It can also help in time of grief, and is associated with friendship, romantic relationships and love, as it is supposed to purify the heart and promote feelings of love.

“We now make rose quartz pieces in the shape of a heart; it is the most popular among females and one of our best-selling stones, alongside amethyst which is a violet-colored gemstone that can help with insomnia and relieving anxiety and stress” said Refa’e. 

Clear crystal or selenite is the best-selling stone among male costumers.
“It is the king of stones and is said to have powers that promote peace, mental clarity and well-being. Plus, this crystal can protect you from negative energy,” said Refa’e.

Gemstones and necklaces from “Hajaren.” (Photo: Haya Najdawi/Jordan News)

Some people genuinely believe that a certain stone has powers. For example, some deem that wearing pyrite or displaying it in their offices can attract wealth, success and new opportunities.  

Those who do not necessarily believe in the healing properties of crystals buy crystals for their beauty and because they can make unique gifts and pieces of jewelry to wear. 

Refa’e, who wears a silver necklace with selenite in it, believes in the ability of the crystal to keep negative energy away.

“If the stone works, you are simply going to feel it, or maybe see its effects on your life, but mostly it is psychological, and experience differs from a person to another,” he said.

“If you are looking for a gift and do not know what stone to choose, we can help you when knowing the personality traits and the zodiac sign; each sign has its own lucky stone,” he added.

There are different ways to take care of a stone’s ability and recharge it, said Refa’e, adding that some of them require quite extreme measures, like burying them or running water over water. He prefers to keep his selenite displayed in the middle of the other stones, “to keep their energies from getting disturbed”.

The seven chakra stones are also available at “Hajaren”. Chakras refer to various main energy centers in the human body. The seven are: crown chakra, for spirituality, third eye chakra, for awareness, throat chakra, for communication, heart chakra, for love and healing, solar plexus chakra, for wisdom and power, sacral chakra, for sexuality and creativity, and root chakra, for basic trust. They run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. 
It is believed that if one of the chakras gets blocked, a person could experience physical or emotional symptoms that are related to that particular chakra. 

“That is why it is important to have all them balanced; we offer a chakra balance at our Swefieh branch, my partner Khalil Khouri is an expert at that.” 
“Prices for the stones depend on the sizes and how rare the crystals are, but in general, if one is looking for a budget-friendly gift, JD5 to JD20, there is a wide assortment of pendants with an extensive variety of stones,” said Refa’e.

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