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August 12 2022 2:58 PM ˚
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Beit Al-Bawadi: Carrying on a tradition of artistic craftsmanship

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Beit al bawadi ceramics
(Photo: Handout from Beit Al-Bawadi)
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AMMAN — At a small local business, Beit Al-Bawadi, visitors can find ceramic handicrafts and products from artisans and communities all over Jordan. The store’s wares include dinnerware, tagine dishes, vases, plant pots, bathroom ceramics, and more.اضافة اعلان

Farah Hourani, creative director at Beit Al-Bawadi, explained to Jordan News that her main role at Beit Al-Bawadi involves launching campaigns, choosing colors, designs, and collections for each season and then working with the whole team to execute a coherent vision. They experiment with different techniques, create samples, and in the end, have a final product.

The company sources high-quality materials from Italy to make its products, according to Hourani, who added that “All of Beit Al-Bawadi’s products are handmade.”

The company, founded in 1993, has a variety of departments with specialized artisans who each have a distinct role in the production process. A single piece might be thrown on the wheel, then,  “The piece goes through all the departments until it's a final product, whether they clean it or finish it, or they hand-draw it or spray it with glaze.”

Hourani addeed that working with a team helps everything run smoothly. “Having people with experience and knowledge will make the product a reality,” she said. “Because they shared their knowledge with me, I do not create things that are unreasonable.”

Recently, Beit Al-Bawadi launched “The POP – UP Boutique,” a special collection inspired by the beach, blue, and summer energy. This collection includes handicrafts and products with a beach-inspired style.  

The collection is currently being showcased at Johud Al-Ayadi, a store hosted by the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development. The store, located in Aqaba, shows and sells products manufactured locally by women. “We are showcasing our products in Johud Al-Ayadi, to create more traffic to the store and to create more brand awareness,” Hourani said.

Other current collections include “Turath Heritage,” which features lush and intricate designs in vibrant pinks, greens, and blues; “Diwani Symbols,” which includes stylish vases, bowls, and other pieces garnished with Arabic calligraphy; “Diwani Abstract,” which combines black-and-white Arabic calligraphy, freehand brushwork, and abstract splatters of gold; and “Contemporary Living,” which includes striking, simple and modern pieces with only one or two colors each.

Like many businesses, during the COVID-19 pandemic Beit Al-Bawadi launched their online presence. “We went online, we focused more on social media campaigns,” said the creative director. “This time made us more dynamic, to focus on exporting our products, distributing them, and to focus more on the digital aspect rather than the actual offline element.”

Hourani explained that Beit Al-Bawadi’s showroom is inside their factory so people can see the production process first-hand. “I believe that it is very important for the client to see the process. It’s really nice when you actually see how the product is made,” she said.

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