Pro-Palestinian march draws thousands in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — On October 15, 2023, thousands of activists and citizens gathered in Downtown Los Angeles, California, to participate in a protest in support of the Palestinian people.اضافة اعلان

Mahin Hossein, a LA resident who participated in the protest, told Jordan News that it provided a sense of unity. He said, “We have all been flooded with the horrific images coming out of Gaza, and our hearts have been aching for our brothers and sisters in Palestine.“

He continued by saying, “This protest allowed us to peacefully demonstrate and demand the US government denounce Israel’s actions and end support. We saw so many different coalitions of people coming together for this common goal: Latino, Black, White, Asian, Arab, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc. It has been a very difficult time of isolation because, in the US, it is still difficult to bring up criticisms of Israel without instantly being labeled antisemitic or a terrorist. This protest helped unite us together. There were thousands of attendees in Los Angeles alone.”

However, he also shared that there was a major issue with the protest as some supporters of the occupation broke through the demonstration to use bear mace and pepper spray on peaceful protestors.

(Video: TikTok)

He highlighted that he did not witness the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) take action, even though it was unprovoked. He also shared that the suspects are still at large and managed to flee before they were able to take action.

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