Canadian lawyers petition Ottawa government to bar entry of ex-Israeli premier

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett chairs a weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime minister's office in Jerusalem, on June 19, 2022.
Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Lawyers representing Canadian, Palestinian, and Jewish organizations are petitioning Canada's government to prevent ex-Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett from entering the country. اضافة اعلان

According to Hebrew Channel 7, Bennett was invited to the annual event of the friends of the Shimon Wiesenthal Jewish Center in Canada, which will be held in Toronto on June 14, where he is scheduled to be the main speaker.

The petition, based on a legal brief made by the lawyers' state Bennett was involved in the illegal development of settlements in the West Bank during his rule.

And as prime minister, he supported the evacuation of Palestinian families from occupied East Jerusalem, to settle Jewish settlers in their place.

War crimeThe petitioners state that the Canadian government does not recognize Israeli control over the West Bank and, in its view, under international law, considers the settlements a war crime.

They confirmed that Bennett was involved in the Lebanese Qana massacre of 1996, when 102 Lebanese were killed; and has publicly called for the killing of Palestinians during confrontations with the occupation forces.

Therefore, the lawyers state that Canadian law states the federal government has an international and legal duty to deny entry to the country of people who committed war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.

Bennett assumed the presidency of Israel from June 2021 to June 2022, in light of what was called at the time the "government of change", which he alternated with current opposition leader Yair Lapid.

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