Scores injured in new Israeli raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Friday morning in a fresh Israeli raid on the holy site,Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound,on April 22, 2022,(Photo: AFP)
AMMAN—Scores of worshipers staying for worship inside the Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif compound in the occupied holy city of Jerusalem were injured on Friday morning in a fresh Israeli raid on the holy sit, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petraاضافة اعلان

Today's attack is the latest in a series of almost daily attacks since April 15 in which the Israeli Police have used brutal force against Muslim worshipers in an attempt to empty the holy site to make way for Israeli radicals to celebrate Passover there, the Palestinian News and Information Agency, WAFA, reported.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said 31 worshipers were wounded in the attack while many others sustained suffocated from teargas inhalation. It said two of the injuries were critical, while a total of 11 cases were moved to hospital.

At least one wounded worshiper was arrested by the attacking Israeli forces.

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