Palestinian workers return to Gaza after detention

IDF Israeli occupation force
(File photo: Jordan News)
GAZA — Thousands of Palestinian workers returned to the Gaza Strip on Friday after being detained in the occupied territories since they were stranded on October 7. اضافة اعلان

For the past 28 days, thousands of Palestinian workers in the occupied territories have remained unaware of their families' fates in Gaza due to the aggression on Gaza, which has resulted in thousands of deaths and the complete destruction of residential neighborhoods and towers, Khaberni reported.

Thousands of workers arrested
Those workers who arrived in Gaza on Friday had endured challenging conditions inside occupation prisons after their arrest during the ongoing war since October 7.

Routes were cut off for workers trying to reach their homes in Gaza
Routes were cut off for workers trying to reach their homes in Gaza, especially in the northern areas and Gaza City, due to the intense shelling on the Strip. Hassan Abu Al-Khair, from Rafah, said, "We were in 'Israel' and wanted to escape to the West Bank after the closure of Gaza's borders... But the occupation army arrested us."

He added, "I haven't been in contact with my family, and we don't know anything about them... Are they alive or have they become martyrs?"

He continued, "In detention, they suppressed us, and we were given a tomato in the morning and one apple in the evening for food.”

Meanwhile, Abdul Nasser Abdul Bari, a resident of Al-Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City, said, "They arrested us from Rahat city in the Negev (south) and took us for interrogation, questioning us about Hamas in Gaza."

He added, "They asked us about our residential areas in Gaza... and told us that those who lie will have their homes bombed... Today, I don't know anything about my family. I asked about them in Al-Shati camp, and they told me they had left for the southern Gaza Strip."

Ramzi Abu Tayr, from the town of Abasan al-Kabira, said, "Something terrible happened to us... We were working in Rahat city before heading to the West Bank, and they arrested us at the checkpoints and threw us into prisons without any guilt."

He added, "There is no communication with our families... The occupiers took our phones, personal IDs, money, and anything we had."

18,500 Palestinian workers in the occupied territories
According to the Palestinian Ministry of Labor in the Gaza Strip, the number of workers from Gaza who obtained permits to work in the occupied territories is approximately 18,500 workers.

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