Palestinian minister condemns Israel’s failure to respect and implement intl. law

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GAZA — On Saturday, Palestinian Minister of Justice Mohammad Al-Shalalda strongly condemned Israel for its failure to respect and implement international legal decisions. He emphasized that these actions by Israel not only violate international law but also constitute crimes against humanity. Shalalda also raised a pressing question about the effectiveness of international decisions when they remain unenforced. He went on to allege that Israel has used white phosphorus against civilians.اضافة اعلان

With regard to the Arab resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, which called for an immediate and enduring humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and vehemently opposed any attempts to forcibly transfer Palestinian civilians, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

120 countries supported the resolution
It is noteworthy that the General Assembly resolution was initiated by Jordan and gained support from 42 other countries. Ultimately, 120 countries supported the resolution, while 14 nations opposed it, and 45 countries abstained from voting.

Those who opposed are opposing international law
Shalalda argued that those who opposed the resolution were, in essence, opposing international law and advocating for the rule of force over the rule of law. He emphasized the legal significance of the resolution and underscored the need to exert pressure on Israel to comply with it. This compliance would serve as a testament to the success of Arab diplomacy. Additionally, he pointed out that the resolution encapsulated the sentiments expressed by His Majesty King Abdullah and other Arab leaders during the Cairo Summit for Peace.

Israel is an apartheid state
Shalalda concluded by noting that the resolution, along with its successful adoption, shines a spotlight on Israel as an apartheid state. The majority of the world's nations have taken a clear stance, and the resolution stands as a strong legal rebuke to those who opposed it.

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