Israeli police evict Palestinian family, settlers seize home

Jerusalem IDF sub laban
A large number of Israeli occupation forces deployed in front of the Palestinian-owned house of the Sub Laban family in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, after it was evacuated and seized by Israeli settlers. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — Israeli police have evicted a Palestinian family in Jerusalem's Old City, allowing settlers to seize their home. According to Israeli sources, the settlers took control of the "Sab Laban" family's residence after Israeli forces stormed the property, removing the owners and arresting supporters present at the scene.اضافة اعلان

Ahmed Sab Laban, one of the residents, expressed the family's deep loss, stating, "As our family was forced to leave our home, we could only salvage a tree from my son Mustafa's childhood, Al-Ghad News reported. 

This tree grew alongside him in this house for over 17 years. We simply wished to preserve it as a cherished memory until our return."

The Israeli occupation authorities had previously set a deadline for the Sab Laban family to vacate their home, which expired last Sunday.

Settlers had already encroached upon and claimed parts of the building, leaving the Sab Laban family's house isolated, surrounded by settlements on all sides.

The Sab Laban family had been tenants of the house since 1953 under a lease agreement with the Jordanian government. However, following the occupation of Jerusalem, the property came under the control of the so-called "Guardian of Absentee Properties," alleging Jewish ownership—a claim vehemently denied by the family.

In 2016, Israeli courts had previously barred the Sab Laban family's children, Raafat and Ahmed, along with their spouses and children, from residing within the house, resulting in the family's dispersal and further hardship.

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