Israel intends to build anti-migrant wall on Jordanian border

In response to the recent bloody protests in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu wants to enforce harsher measures against migrants

IDF Israeli occupation force
(Photo: Twitter/X)
OCCUPIED JERUSALEMIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday, September 3, that Israel intends to build a barrier on the Jordanian border to "prevent the infiltration" of African asylum seekers into Israel, Amad News reported.اضافة اعلان

Netanyahu stated in a tweet on his official Twitter account: "We built a fence on our southern border (with Egypt) and stopped infiltration from there into Israel." He added, "This prevented the infiltration of over a million people from Africa, which would have destroyed our country." In 2013, Israel erected a barrier along its border with Egypt, stretching 241 kilometers.

Netanyahu continued, "Now we will build a fence on our eastern border with Jordan and ensure no infiltration from there as well."

Eritrean Protests
This Saturday, September 2, many Eritreans protested in TelAviv in opposition to the current Eritrean Regime. “There were also dramatic street battles between large crowds of Eritreans armed with pieces of wood, metal and rocks,” the BBC reported.

“Police in riot gear fired tear gas, stun grenades and live rounds as officers on horseback tried to push the protesters away.” Through the questionable use of firing live round, 170 people were injured.

Netanyahu considered what happened in Tel Aviv on Saturday to be "a crossing of a red line and acts of rioting that we cannot accept" and threatened Eritrean protesters with "strict measures," including immediate deportation.

Netanyahu also noted that "the problem is with those who entered before the fence was completed, several tens of thousands of illegal infiltrators." He blames the protests on the Supreme courts refusal to permit harsher measures against migrants, whom he views as a threat.

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