Haaretz: Israeli forces struggle in Khan Yunis, time running out

(Photo: Twitter/X)
TEL AVIV — In a report on Sunday, Haaretz highlighted that time is running out for the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Khan Yunis as they struggle to advance in infiltration zones within the Gaza Strip. اضافة اعلان

The report points out the tension between war objectives and the limited time allocated. It emphasizes that the IOF is simultaneously engaged in three battles, each facing more formidable resistance than before. The report mentions that occupation forces hoped to conclude most operations in northern Gaza within a week, but in Khan Yunis, it is expected to intensify afterward, Al-Ghad reported.

According to the newspaper, these developments add complexity to the fighting in the coming weeks. It cautions against being swayed by the atmosphere in TV studios, some of which have already broadcast victory songs.

The report confirms that the occupation forces lack complete intelligence on Hamas' prisoner hiding locations, underscoring that the ongoing fighting puts their lives at risk.

Meanwhile, earlier on Sunday, "Yedioth Ahronoth" published a front-page report titled "The fighting is difficult and slow; it will take a long time for the Israeli army to complete its tasks."

Israeli Channel 7 estimated that the war will continue intensely for at least two months. Sources in Israel suggest attempts for additional deals to release prisoners soon.

On Saturday, Israeli media confirmed 102 casualties in the Israeli occupation army since the Gaza ground incursion began. "Walla News" reported 5,000 injured Israeli military personnel since October 7, with 2,000 of them now disabled.

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