Al-Awda Hospital in north Gaza under siege, Israeli sniper kills two

Siege enters fourth day, more than 250 trapped, limited access to food, water, electricity

Al-Awda Hospital in north Gaza under siege, Israeli sniper kills two
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GAZA — Al-Awda Hospital in North Gaza has been under siege for the past four days, trapping over 250 people, including medical professionals, patients, and family members, within one of its four buildings.اضافة اعلان

In a message, a monitoring manager at the hospital who asked to be identified by his first name, Mohammed, said that an Israeli sniper, stationed outside the hospital, has already killed a nurse on the fourth floor through the window.

Additionally, a pregnant woman and her mother-in-law were shot by an Israeli sniper 70 meters away, while trying to get to the hospital for maternity services.

The shooting killed the mother-in-law, with her body left unattended on the street due to the sniper threat.

A son of a hospital worker also sustained a gunshot wound but survived.

Movement within the hospital is severely restricted, hindering efforts to refuel the generator and jeopardizing the continuous power supply.

Two days of water remaining, fuel is running out
With only a four-day food supply initially available, rationing within the hospital has reduced meals to one a day or less.

Attempts to refuel the generator for electricity have been thwarted by sniper fire, and urgent calls for assistance are being made as the remaining supplies will only last for three more days.

The water supply is expected to run out in the next two days, intensifying the humanitarian crisis. Israeli forces have bombed the tanks of water, Mohammed stated.

Besides the bottles they have, they said there is only one other tank besides the bottles they have, which is not enough for the hospital's residents.

Tanks positioned near the hospital
Israeli occupation tanks are positioned a mere 50 to 70 meters away from the hospital, heightening fears of a potential breach.

The hospital has faced direct attacks six times and numerous close encounters, raising serious concerns about the safety of those trapped within.

Communication limited pleas for help
Communication from the besieged hospital is severely limited, with internet access restricted due to imminent danger.

Mohammed relayed this information through a borrowed eSIM from friends in Spain. In his message, he urges international bodies and humanitarian organizations to help, imploring them to intervene swiftly and ensure the safety and well-being of those trapped inside Al-Awda Hospital.

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