A cry for shelter: Gaza’s severe tent shortage

Tents in gaza
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – On Saturday, Al-Ghad reported the lack of tents and refugee shelters in Gaza while interviewing Ahmad Hamdan, a Gazan citizen who lives with his wife and four children in the Nuseirat camp.اضافة اعلان

“Even if we found a tent, there is no place to set it up because of the endless piles of corpses,” said Hamdan.

Hamdan said that Gaza suffers from a severe lack of tents. He pointed out that the challenge is not only the absence of tents but the difficulty of finding land free of piles of corpses.

He considers himself lucky compared to the majority of Gazans because he has an international phone card that gives him more opportunities for communication. Hamdan has not stopped reaching out through calls and messages on social media sites to search for only one tent that can accommodate him and his family.

He hopes he can seek refuge until he forms an evacuation plan in light of the barbaric shelling in the Nuseirat camp for the past few days. While he intended to leave an evacuation plan as a plan “B”, it has quickly become a priority to preserve his wife's and children’s lives.

The choice of his family’s evacuation is difficult from all aspects, whether it be abandoning his home, the journey to find a safe place or the absence of the most basic human rights in places where displacement tents are located, stating, “There are no toilets in the displacement areas.”

“The situation has exceeded the word ‘difficult’, but our only weapon is patience.”

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