180 women give birth daily in Gaza — UNFPA

A large number of newborns are dying due to starvation and drought

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NEW YORK — The Palestinian Territories official at the United Nations Population Fund, Dominic Allen, stated on Friday that "doctors no longer see newborns of normal size" in Gaza. He noted that 180 women give birth daily in the devastated sector, while they suffer from hunger and drought.اضافة اعلان

During a video press conference, Allen shared, "Personally, after leaving Gaza this week, I was struck by fear for a million women and girls in Gaza, out of 650,000 females of childbearing age, especially with 180 women giving birth every day,” Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Allen managed to visit hospitals still providing maternal care services in the northern Gaza Strip, where more than 31,000 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Israeli aggression, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

He added, "Doctors report they no longer see newborns of normal size. On the contrary, and in a tragic manner, they see a larger number of newborns who die shortly after birth." This situation affects pregnant women, who are "exhausted by fear, constant moving, hunger, and drought."

Allen continued, emphasizing, "Mothers should be cradling their children in their arms, not in body bags."

He also pointed out the lack of anesthesia needed for pregnant women undergoing cesarean deliveries, condemning the Israeli occupation authorities' refusal to allow the passage of aid shipments from the United Nations Population Fund program.

Allen further expressed, "If I could paint a picture of what I saw, felt, and heard during my time in Gaza, it's a nightmare larger than a humanitarian crisis. It's a crisis for humanity. The reality is worse than I can describe, than what the pictures show, than what you can imagine."

Reflecting on his experiences, he added, "What I witnessed during the transition to the northern Gaza Strip broke my heart," referring to "indescribable feelings" in the eyes of the residents.

He continued, placing his hands over his mouth, "Everyone we saw or spoke to was thin and hungry, all engaging in this movement seeking food."

Allen also recounted crossing a military checkpoint, where "a child, perhaps around five years old, was walking in fear, raising his hands in the air, while his sister walked behind him carrying a white flag."

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