150 Israeli companies protest reasonableness bill

Tel Aviv protest
(File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV — As part of the protests against the government's intention to cancel the “reasonableness bill," the Business Forum, comprising the CEOs of the largest 150 companies in the Israeli economy, declared a strike on Monday, reported Amad News.اضافة اعلان

They stated, "The Forum calls on companies and additional entities to join this emergency measure, which was taken without any other option, with the aim of stopping one-sided legislation and initiating dialogue. The Forum demands that the Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] fulfill his role and understand the magnitude of the catastrophe that could occur and immediately halt the legislations to initiate dialogue."

Other acts of resistance
In a related development, in response to the Forum's statement, dozens of tech companies and investment capital funds announced that they would suspend their activities and allow employees to participate in protest events against the judicial overhaul. The statement mentioned, "We stand with our friends from the Business Forum, who have the right to strike, and together we will defend the state of Israel."

On Monday morning, crowds demonstrated against the judicial overhaul in Jerusalem before the final approval to cancel the reasonableness bill. The Israeli police arrested five protesters.

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