TikTok hits the breaks on endless scrolling, SnapChat rolls out ‘Plus’

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Welcome to yet another weekly app roundup!

This week we’ve got quite a couple of things in store for you: TikTok has officially announced the creation of protocols to protect users from infinitely scrolling, Snapchat is launching a premium service called “Snapchat Plus”, Amazon is going testing the waters with augmented reality (AR) powered “Try before you buy” features on its iOS App and WhatsApp is finally increasing its privacy options for its users. اضافة اعلان

TikTok combats endless scrolling
TikTok has launched a number of new features aimed to keep you from sinking into its unending feed of seductive short-form movies. After utilizing the app for an extended, user-defined amount of time, a new tool will display a reminder, adding a new protection to current daily limitations. If a teen (aged 13 to 17) spends more than 100 minutes on the app in a single day, they will be encouraged to utilize the screen time restricting tool.

TikTok is also introducing a new screen-time dashboard, which displays an overview of app usage. Statistics include the number of times the app has been used, a split of daytime and evening usage, and a daily counter for the amount of time spent in the app.

TikTok’s new capabilities follow the addition of similar options to other apps such as Instagram and Netflix to help users manage the time they spend on them. App limitations are also supported by Apple and Google on iOS and Android. They’re useful enhancements for businesses with advertising-based revenue models that can motivate users to pay attention.

SnapChat rolls out premium membership service
Snap is conducting internal experiments for a premium membership called Snapchat Plus, which will reportedly provide users with early access to features as well as other capabilities.

Snap is also testing other features for Snapchat Plus, including the ability to pin one of your friends as your “#1 BFF” (which sounds like a recipe for drama — MySpace made it the top eight for a reason), change the Snapchat icon, and see who rewatches your stories. It has also been hinted that the current pricing for Snapchat Plus is about 5.5 JD per month.

Snap isn’t the only social network or messaging platform working on a paid layer; Telegram has stated that it’s working on a premium membership as well, which will be available later this month, and Twitter introduced its Blue service late last year.

Many free applications have had to reevaluate how they generate money after Apple introduced a privacy option for adverts with iOS 14.5, letting users to turn off ad monitoring on an app-by-app basis.

Amazon launches AR-powered features
Amazon stated in a blog post that iOS users may now digitally try on shoes. Customers in the US and Canada may try on shoes from companies such as New Balance, Adidas, and Reebok.

Customers can just aim their camera at their feet and click through a range of shoes to see how they look from various angles in this virtual try-on. The instrument, however, cannot be used to determine shoe size. While the new function is now only available to iOS users with an iPhone 7 or later, Amazon announced in a blog post that it will be available to Android consumers shortly.

Amazon introduced an in-app augmented reality function in 2017 that allowed consumers to see how a piece of furniture would appear in their home. Consumers could put on cosmetics in the app thanks to a relationship with L’Oréal, and an AR feature allowed customers preview how haircuts and hair colors might look.

WhatsApp is expanding its privacy choices
WhatsApp is introducing new privacy settings to grant you greater control over who sees what information about your profile on the social media platform.

The improvements will allow you to control who sees your profile image, “about” information, status, and “last seen” time. You set whitelists and/or blacklists for who can see each piece of information.

This allows you to either remain fully private or create a contacts list of individuals you trust sufficiently to share your information with, which is a good improvement for those who felt WhatsApp was a little too liberal in how it shared information.

The additional choices should be available in the app’s settings menu under Account > Privacy on the most recent version of the app.

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