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Where to find tango lessons in Amman

1. Tango in Jordan
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AMMAN — The tango is a beautiful sensual and intimate ballet between a man and a woman on the dance floor, and it has seen a resurgent popularity in the US and all over the world, but also in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

The dance style came from Argentina; it evolved in the 1880 in the dance halls and brothels of Buenos Aires, probably from a light Spanish flamenco, merging with the milonga, a fast, sensual, and disreputable Argentine dance.

It takes two to tango is a synonym for the poetic merging of two bodies on the dance floor. The dance is characterized by sharp, staccato movements and a passionate attitude. It is a very visually exciting choice for the first wedding dance.

Today, tango is a growing passion in Jordan and many dance schools have opened all over the country. In this article we profile three well-known and successful tango schools in Amman. 

Tempo Dance School is a franchised dance company, catering to the artistic community in Jordan and the UAE, offering a wide range of dance classes in Amman from salsa, Latin, and tango, to ballroom dancing, hip-hop, and street dance. The school also offers classical and contemporary ballet, belly dancing and dabkeh lessons for the young, from age three to adult.

So whether the dancers are already taking classes and want to develop their technique and skills further, or are new to dance and are looking for a fun way to get fit, they have the class to suit their individual ability.

Tempo has children group classes, monthly group classes, and private classes. They also provide other services like birthday parties and show and dance entertainment.

Their website is useful. Customers can sign up for an account and book their classes online, pay for the classes, book for tryout classes, and see updates. The website includes links for their Instagram account, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Customers can get to everything they need easily and directly.
Tempo Dance School has experienced trainers from different countries that are both skilled and passionate about dancing. "Dancing gets rid of my stress," one of their trainers said.

Tempo Dance School makes it very easy for customers to practice tango through intense and effective classes. They start to practice step by step till they turn from beginners to professionals.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios (FADS) is another dance school in Jordan. This school has a website where customers can create accounts and book the dance lesson they prefer.

FADS are known for their special wedding dance lessons for couples. Customers can go to their website, and choose from the online calendar the group classes, practice parties, and special events, what date and what class they wish to join. Customers can join with their partners or on their own.

Their website shows the professional and talented dance instructors they have at their studios as well as their friendly staff. Instructors can help customers realize their dance goals. Customers can see their trainers' qualifications and experience level online before signing up.

The FADS website also write detailed descriptions of the various dances so customers can learn more about the various dances to learn more about them before joining a class. They also have videos describing each type of dance. Their website is available in all languages which helps people from all over the world to know more about tango and other types of dances.

Another dance studio, Tango Studio Jordan was founded by Mohammad Ismail in 2011. He and his dance partner organized a tango festival in Jordan before opening the business. For Mohammad, tango is an international language by itself. His studio was full of expatriate students in the beginning and now it is also full of local Jordanians.

Tango Studio has many options tango classes, like weekly practice for students of all levels to practice their moves and techniques. There used to be a weekly event at Salute Restaurant in Amman where people would enjoy the tango music and the dances, and two trips a year there to give students a chance to practice tango dance abroad.

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