Teacher takes tango across continents

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Tango teacher Alexis Ramirez can be seen in these undated photo. (Photo: Handout from Alexis Ramirez)
AMMAN — He came all the way from Buenos Aires on a three-year contract to teach tango dancing, but due to the pandemic, Alexis Ramirez became enchanted by the culture, ended up learning about Jordanian heritage, and became completely blown away by the places he visited.اضافة اعلان

Ramirez, 30 years old, was hesitant at first when he received an offer to teach tango in Jordan due to the political unrest the Middle East is famous for. He was discouraged by both family and friends at home, but after reading about the country, he decided that adventuring to Jordan was worth the risk. 

“I wasn’t completely serious when I asked a friend of mine who works at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Amman to connect me with the studio manager, but it is interesting how things turned out to be quite stimulating.”    

The Argentinian tango dancer told the Jordan News in a recent interview that Jordan was his first visit out of his own country, and while at the beginning he was struck by the cultural differences, he immediately felt at home from the warmth and respect he received. 

He said that although the tango community in Jordan is still small compared to Lebanon, Russia, and Japan, people are gradually showing interest in the art. 
Unfortunately, he explained, a general misunderstanding surrounds tango due television, which often shows tango dancers wearing nice dresses, moving in dramatic postures, and men appearing dominant, throwing and dragging women on the floor.  

To the dancer, Ramirez said, tango is about setting the soul free.

  “I think it’s the physical closeness of the dancing partners (that) makes people uneasy, but they do not realize the positive impact on the mental and physical state of many, and how socially enriched a person will end up.”

“To meet a person with the same interest is rare and that person is usually considered lucky. The dance (tango) is an invigorating opportunity, in addition to minimizing stress, anxiety, and depression,” he said, adding that his trip away from home feels worth it every time a student approaches him to share how they feel after each class.

Ramirez explained that the popular phrase “it takes two to tango,” truly means partnership, commitment, and sharing.

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