Today's Horoscopes

(Photo: Jordan News)
ARIES: You'll get the most out of what you do for others. Speak up, offer suggestions and call on people you know can help you get your plans moving in a positive direction. Words matter, so be precise. Present facts and negotiate passionately.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Get things done on time. Too much talk and not enough action will make it difficult to gain support. Micromanage every step you want to take, and you'll make a lasting impression. Take a moment to share something special with someone you love.  

GEMINI: Think matters through, and talk with someone you respect. Getting a well-rounded view before you make your next move will give you the confidence to forge ahead without hesitation. Your ability to influence others will encourage success.  

CANCER: Resisting change will hold you back. Engage in chatter about what's happening. Information will put your mind at ease and make a transition more manageable for you to accept. Look for the positive in whatever situation you face, and you will prosper.  

LEO: Refuse to let anyone stifle your plans or come between you and someone who has always supported you. Indulgence will set you back. Consider every angle, ask questions and verify the information. Find a unique way to save.  

VIRGO: Take pride in what you do. Accept responsibility and honor your promises. The returns for quality work and living up to your word will be surprisingly worth every minute you spend perfecting what you do and how you live and treat others.  

LIBRA: Do what you can to make a difference. The suggestions you make and the help you offer will bring about changes that will make your life easier. A chance to engage in a conference or event will lead to new friendships and beginnings.  

SCORPIO: Move in a direction that suits you. You'll miss your chance to create a solid position for yourself if you follow someone else. It's time to look out for No. 1 and engage in what's best for you. Live life your way.  

SAGITTARIUS: Watch what others do, and stand up for your rights. You'll be offered false insight into what's happening with a friend or relative. Get the facts before you offer to help someone who is in the wrong. Honesty is the best policy.  

CAPRICORN: You'll find a unique way to increase your money, improve your health or combat someone trying to take advantage of you. An emotional shift will help you improve the way you live and your relationships with loved ones.
AQUARIUS: Don't lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish. You'll find the right balance to help you take advantage of an opportunity without dismantling what you've worked so hard to build. A steady pace forward will lead to stability.  

PISCES: Be creative, and you'll find a way to please others. Work alongside someone who gets what you are trying to do and shares your beliefs. What you achieve will change the way others treat you. A personal adjustment looks promising.