Today's Horoscopes

(Photo: Jordan News)
ARIES: Refuse to let your emotions interfere with what you want to accomplish. Stay focused, disciplined and intent on reaching your goal. Reach out to experts to verify you are on the right path, and you will avoid wasting valuable time.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Take heed of any criticism that comes your way, and consider what you can do to be and do your very best. Take physical action. Pursue skills and information that will help you make the most of your day.  

GEMINI: Think before you act. Avoid situations that are volatile or can lead to injury or illness. Make intelligent decisions that will help you get ahead. Don't let excess or trusting someone you shouldn't be your downfall. Make discipline a priority.  

CANCER: Use your emotions and your imagination to create something spectacular. You'll gain peace of mind if you enjoy what you do. Look for a unique way to use your skills to help others, and happiness will be yours.  

LEO: If someone reaches out, lend a helping hand, but don't take on others' responsibilities. Use intelligence when offering guidance, support and encouragement. You want to fulfill a purpose that teaches both you and the recipient how to maintain equality.  

VIRGO: Put your heart into whatever job you are given. How others perceive you will make a difference to the way you fit in socially. Honesty and integrity will lead to acceptance and positive feedback. Romance will enhance your life.  
LIBRA: Be careful who you trust with sensitive information. The fewer people you work alongside who know about your personal life, the better. Be a good listener, a confident contributor and a solutions person, and you'll gain respect and power. Avoid impulsive purchases or actions.  

SCORPIO: Let your actions speak for you. How you handle work responsibilities will determine if you excel. Take on only what you know you can manage, and do your very best. The opportunities will come your way. Romance is favored.  

SAGITTARIUS: Handle friends, relatives and neighbors with diplomacy. An argument will not be worth the aggravation if you are opinionated. Your charm will get you what you want and encourage others to share valuable information to help you get ahead financially.  

CAPRICORN: Concentrate on the value of things. The money you invest in yourself, your home or your business will bring high returns. Take the road less traveled and see where it leads. A physical change will lead to compliments and new possibilities.  

AQUARIUS: Do something creative. How you spend your time will determine your state of mind. Don't let anyone trick you into something you don't care to do. Stick to your prerogative, and you will achieve the satisfaction and happiness you desire.  

PISCES: Step up to the plate and give it your best shot. You'll dazzle people with your insight and uniqueness. Spend time with someone who supports and inspires you to follow your heart. Romance will encourage a happy personal life.