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ARIES: A passing flirtation might tickle your heart but try not to take a new attraction too seriously. Your good humor may score brownie points with influential people. However, hard work can bring the best and most concrete results.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Do not sell yourself short. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it is only skin deep. A winning smile can win over a new companion who will find you desirable — enjoy the attention and affection it can bring.

GEMINI: Harness your energy effectively and you can perform twice the work with half the effort. First and foremost, you must choose what it is you want to accomplish. To operate at top efficiency, create a list and carefully plan a path to success.

CANCER: Look them right in the eye to see who they really are. Potential romantic or business partners can show their true colors in a one-on-one situation. Honesty is always the best policy when your money or your heart is involved.

LEO: Getting the best deal possible could be foremost in your mind. You may become aware of a tricky situation that could affect your finances or relationships. It may be best to hold off on making large expenditures for the next few days.

VIRGO: Your sensible outlook helps you to achieve your ambitions. An accurate assessment of people and situations can help you to succeed in business plans. You may want to know what you are getting into when someone offers something.

LIBRA: Your ambitions may be at a high point. Your inner wishes could revolve around business success that might have fairy tale endings, but reality could be different. Tackle some constructive activities even if no one gives you a pat on the back.

SCORPIO: You might be wishing for an exhilarating romantic encounter with someone new when an enthusiastic admirer is right under your nose. Your work may only count if it produces a desired result, your efforts might not be noticed.

SAGITTARIUS: Your social skills are in top form so with a little imagination, work can be fun. The contacts you make now can accelerate your climb up the ladder of success or turn you into an essential member of the community.

CAPRICORN: You may be focused on satisfying a hunger for power and prestige that puts you in the driver’s seat; loved ones may just come along for the ride. Other people may be challenged to keep up with your relentless drive.

AQUARIUS: Reality has a way of creeping in and making you face facts. Let important plans simmer on the back burner while you sort out your responsibilities. You may need to work on learning from repairing a past mistake.

PISCES: Sometimes doing your best means doing nothing. The big picture that can bring you lasting contentment is developing slowly; you can’t force the growth. Kindness and unrelenting optimism can produce positive results over time.

IF MARCH 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Daydreams may fill your spare hours during the coming two to three weeks and the vision you choose could become an inspiration for future success. Hold off on financial or business decisions or making changes during April when the tides are running against you. In late May, your luck changes for the better, your dreams may come true, and a prayer may be answered. That is when your judgment is at its best and when you can successfully launch your plans with the likelihood of success. By mid-June, your wishful thinking can lead you on a wild goose chase, so avoid new romantic entanglements. Plan a vacation or romantic holiday for early August when you may be able to escape harsh realities.

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