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ARIES: You may put more irons in the fire than you can handle. Note down your best ideas so you can reexamine them in the future. Be sensible when tempted to go on a shopping spree or pursuing a potential romantic partner.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your feathers may be difficult to ruffle. Try not to become defensive if someone brags about their possessions or accomplishments. Their belongings may have had a higher price tag, but you may have gotten a better deal.

GEMINI: "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you" might not always be the truth; sharp words and arguments could cause lasting bitterness. Keep retorts to yourself and concentrate on building something worthwhile.

CANCER: Key relationships could require your undivided attention. You may be persuaded to go along with the crowd on some decisions, but you should place the most value on a loved one’s opinion. Try not to let envy spoil your day.

LEO: Someone may offer you a hand in friendship when you least expect it. Casual acquaintances could help you out of a troublesome predicament. You may overspend if you go shopping when you are in a hurry.

VIRGO: You can take the high road, or you can take the low road, but unless you avoid an argument, you will not get anywhere. Someone might offer business or financial guidance that can be helpful if you focus on being sensible.

LIBRA: When you are under intense pressure to reach your goals, it may be helpful to know that you have friends willing to lend a hand. Get agreements in writing and carefully examine the fine print before you sign to prevent misunderstandings.

SCORPIO: Too much input can put you in a predicament. There may be times when instructions or information can be interpreted in two completely different ways. Take your time about making a final decision despite any added pressure.

SAGITTARIUS: A deceptive appearance might appear trustworthy, and/or a financial matter may be cloaked in a shroud of insincerity. Be sure to verify any pertinent information and seek advice from trusted sources before making an investment.

CAPRICORN: You may want to know exactly what is involved before you spend your time or money on something or someone. You do not shy away from questioning a gift or asking for important information such as finances before a first date.

AQUARIUS: Try to be more structured and organized. You can be receptive to improving your habits. Try to be flexible when asked to be agreeable or cooperative because your friendly gestures can win you future favors.

You may become uncomfortable around unpleasantness or when your peace is disturbed. Not every psychic twinge or intuition is dependable, this may not be a good day to make crucial decisions or discuss key plans.

IF MARCH 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: “Live long and prosper” could be your byline during the next two to three weeks. You are empowered by your ideals and possess a gentle charm that attracts others, plus you may feel younger than your years. Your business strategies could fail, and misunderstandings could occur in April and May. Wait until the second half of May, when opportunities for advancement could arrive and your judgment is at its best, to launch your plans and make significant changes, but remain cautious about investments. Do not begin anything of great importance during early June as you are easily fooled and could rely on wishful thinking.

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