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ARIES: You may find yourself making valuable connections and impressing your audience. If facing a family conflict, you may need to take a step back and calm down to focus on achieving a long-term goal.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may find that love and affection are important motivating forces in your life. You could be challenged by a romantic partner to display your best side. You are generous but sometimes you may be taken advantage of.

GEMINI: Stay positive when you feel you may be slipping to a brooding mood. Don't let yourself become resentful over things you cannot control. Spend quality time with cheerful friends to help turn things around.

CANCER: You may find yourself facing confrontation. Avoid letting your actions aggravate a situation — keeping a cool head might stop things from escalating. Focus on making an excellent impression when you are in the public eye.

LEO: You may have an acquaintance who was once critical of you become an ally, or a skeptic may be won over to your side once you are proven to be trustworthy. A new friend may find you especially attractive.

VIRGO: Some of your best ideas may not shine as brightly under scrutiny. You might need to take a step back and spend some extra time perfecting your work to avoid mistakes. Working a bit harder now may allow you to relax a little longer later.

LIBRA: Your worst relationship can be improved and strengthened when you keep up your end of a bargain. If you are single, you might meet someone who is on the lookout for a committed and stable partner.

SCORPIO: Use clever thinking to turn a problem into an asset. Taking action during a volatile situation may prove to be beneficial. Someone special may be willing to share their heart and their possessions with you.

SAGITTARIUS: You may receive praise for your creative efforts. If you are facing an unpleasant conversation, consider sidestepping it for now. Give it more thought, then come back to it when the timing is better.

CAPRICORN: You may feel your place in the hierarchy is being questioned, and someone may be more ambitious and competitive than you expected. Taking a moment to think things over might help you find a brilliant way out of a predicament.

AQUARIUS: You might fall into regret if you ignore financial matters or forget to maintain your possessions. Investing in the upkeep of your assets and making sure to pay a bill on time should alleviate stress. Focus on being responsible.

PISCES: You have the right to a reward and may want to give yourself a little treat. You might see a loved one being extremely sensible and pragmatic, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy life's little pleasures.

IF MARCH 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might feel that the whole world is at your beck and call during the coming two to three weeks. People may sense your trustworthiness, and recognize your talents, so this may be a good time to apply for a new position. You may want to make impulsive decisions about the direction of your life and change it for the better in late March but think before you leap. You can make great headway when your energy levels are high and friends flock to your side in April if you are not distracted by a passing fancy or casual fling during late April and May. July may be an excellent time for both carefully researched financial decisions and a romantic vacation if you can get away.

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