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ARIES: You can be happy to share the accolades when standing on a stage. You may find that limits seem to disappear when you do not care who gets credit for the work. You could capitalize on a tendency of new friends to trust and admire you.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your social skills will be a great asset to you if you need to implement business policies and strategies. If you have a steady routine that works like a charm, you’ll likely find it beneficial to continue rather than experiment.

GEMINI: If you’re lacking in confidence or energy, taking a short break could help recharge your batteries. You could have your patience tried by uncooperative people. You might find it difficult to initiate new investments or set new financial plans in motion.

CANCER: You may find yourself concerned with how things look instead of how others feel. This may not be the best time to go against or try to control others. Put more emphasis on rational thinking and organizing your space.

LEO: When faced with other's high standards and disapproval, you may want to remain stoic and look inward. You may think you are being pushed too far but try to be empathetic when others feel they are under pressure too.

VIRGO: Even if a joint venture does not go as planned, the relationship beneath might not have an expiration date. Tricky business negotiations may create tension, but you can try to remain on good terms with the person involved.

LIBRA: You may find you are urged to use your head and not your heart, causing the two to be in conflict. While good manners may mean restraint, there are times when it is appropriate to reach out and give someone a hug.

SCORPIO: You and a loved one may be working together to make your dream of success a reality. Discussing options and working in tandem with a trusted companion may help you make shrewd and profitable decisions.

SAGITTARIUS: Be a beacon of positivity. Although a belief cannot be proven, it can still be uplifting. You may want to hold off on initiating purchases, investments or signing financial contracts for the time being.

CAPRICORN: You may need to follow up on details and meet deadlines. A forgotten expense or bill can create an unpleasant experience. You can appeal to someone's generosity if you feel yourself starting to get heated.

AQUARIUS: You could face a situation where policies are being shifted; be alert for mistakes. You should proceed with caution and stop to focus on how to find the more constructive solution. Roll with the punches and trust yourself.

PISCES: You are generous, sympathetic and sensitive but that could make it difficult to fight for yourself. You could find you are struggling with coping skills during hard negotiations. You can use your strengths to spread positivity.

IF FEB. 27 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Common sense could begin to lose its luster as the next six to eight weeks unfold. You are unlikely to listen to anyone who warns you that “all that glitters isn’t gold” in April when romance is on your mind. If single, you may need to kiss a few frogs to find someone who is just as advertised so try not to give your heart away too quickly. If you are looking for true love, it might be in the stars, or you could land the job you have dreamed about in late April or early May. By June, you could be in more sensible, down-to-earth frame of mind perfect for a focus on dollars and cents. The first half of September could be the best time to put important plans into motion or to ask for advice from those who are worldlier and wiser than you are.

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